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Blog Rasansky Law Firm October 6, 2014
2525 McKinnon Street #625, Dallas, TX 75201
Jeff Rasansky October 6, 2014

Need a downtown Dallas car accident lawyer? Call Rasansky Law Firm at 1-800-ATTORNEY. Car accidents are an unfortunate, but somewhat expected occurrence. Some accidents, however, can leave your world turned upside down. The amount of money you’ll spend seeking treatment and rehabilitation, as well as the income you’ll lose while you miss work can put an enormous…

Bed Sores in Nursing Homes
Jeff Rasansky October 8, 2014

Bed sores are painful, dangerous, and a telltale sign of nursing home neglect. Nursing homes, retirement homes, and assisted living centers provide a vital service for individuals who are unable to fully and independently take care of themselves. These facilities have trained professionals who are tasked with the responsibility of providing care to senior citizens as…

Unsafe Helmet Lawsuit Lawyer
Sadie Horner October 6, 2014

If a helmet fails to properly protect against a sudden impact, the manufacturer may be liable for the costs of resulting injuries. Many motorcycle riders make the responsible decision to wear a helmet in order to reduce the risk of serious injury in the unlikely event of an accident. Unfortunately, some helmets fail to do the job they’re…

Obstetrical Malpractice Lawyer in Dallas
Sadie Horner October 6, 2014

Obstetrician malpractice can cause serious injuries to both you, and your child. What happens when an obstetrician’s malpractice causes serious harm? For pregnant women this can mean serious injury or death occurring during the birthing process. For their babies, it could mean serious brain damage, cerebral palsy or even wrongful death. Brain damage during the delivery process could lead…

Unlicensed Daycare Facilities
Amanda Payton October 6, 2014

Parents, are you sure your child’s daycare is licensed and running legally? Unlicensed daycare care centers and providers have become a problem for many areas throughout the country, but state regulators in Texas have been putting the pressure on these unlicensed facilities as of late. State regulators have created a new unit that has the…

Train Crash at Crush, Texas
Jeff Rasansky August 5, 2014

This 19th century publicity stunt by the Katy Railway ended up killing three and injuring many other spectators. The Texas train crash at Crush was a spectacular event that set a carnival mood, but it was also a rather dangerous one. It makes one wonder what its creator was thinking. The event ended with explosions, flying metal,…

Falzone v. Busch
Sadie Horner August 5, 2014

Some personal injury lawsuits are historically important and set important precedents which have a lasting effect on the legal landscape. Personal injury lawsuits are often in the news, probably more so that the average person would like to see. Some of these lawsuits are more well-known than others for various reasons. Some of the more…

Guardrail Car Accidents
Amanda Payton October 6, 2014

Are highway guardrails made by Trinity Industries safe? A guardrail’s main purpose is to protect drivers. Guardrails are installed on highways across the country, and most of the time they do a great job at absorbing impact as well as decreasing a car’s momentum ensuring that the severity of an auto accident is mitigated. Now,…

Hospitals and Medical Malpractice
Amanda Payton October 6, 2014

A new report implies that hospital safety indicators (or rather the lack of them) is the main cause of preventable complications which may lead to death for some patients. The new report, done by The Dallas Morning News looked at a number of safety indicators in order to determine which factors played a role in the…

United Parcel Service
Sadie Horner October 10, 2014

Were you in an accident with a UPS truck? Here’s some helpful information. Car accidents involving commercial vehicles are NOT handled like other passenger-vehicle accidents. These types of accidents can be rather complicated in nature because of the liability issues that are involved. For instance, were you aware that accidents with commercial trucks are subject to…

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