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Blog Rasansky Law Firm November 17, 2017
Nuedexta Elderly Side Effects
Jeff Rasansky December 1, 2017

New report details the meteoric rise in off-label Nuedexta prescriptions pushed on nursing home residents. Nursing home care in Texas is at an all-time low, and a recent CNN exposé highlighting the over-prescription of a drug used to treat a rare neurological disease brings a very serious problem to light. Nuedexta® (dextromethorphan/quinidine) is used to treat…

Birth Injury Calculator
Jeff Rasansky November 3, 2017

How can I determine the potential value of a birth injury case? If you’re looking for a birth injury compensation calculator to give you an idea of what your case may be worth, I have bad news: these tools are completely useless. No computer algorithm can account for the variables involved in such a case….

Fatal Car Accident Statistics
Jeff Rasansky November 14, 2017

While the number of distracted driving accidents went down in 2016, the total number of fatal crashes went up. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released USDOT accident data for 2016, showing a two-year spike in fatal traffic accidents that exceeds any swings the US has experienced in over 50 years. NHTSA data…

Reindeer Manor in Red Oak, TX
Jeff Rasansky October 11, 2017

Looking for a REAL Haunted House in Dallas This Halloween? Allow us to take you on a journey through the supernatural underworld of Dallas, marking the most “haunted” locations in the DFW Metroplex. Even if you’re not a believer of the supernatural, you may be surprised by the deep and interesting history of these north Texas…

Lawyers Increase Settlement Offers
Jeff Rasansky December 8, 2017

I’ve been told that I should hire an attorney, but can’t I negotiate a settlement with the insurance company myself? While handling your own personal injury claim may seem like the easiest way to recover the compensation you deserve following an accident, it’s usually not in your best interests. Hiring an attorney costs you nothing…

Jeff Rasansky October 6, 2017

The other driver’s insurance company has offered me a settlement. Should I accept it? Will they negotiate? We commonly hear from people who’ve been offered a settlement from the insurance company shortly after being injured in an auto accident. People often believe that they have to make this decision very quickly, but that’s exactly what…

Texas Nursing Home Abuse Arbitration
Jeff Rasansky September 13, 2017

Why is it so difficult to file a lawsuit against a nursing home? In 2016, the Federal Government said that no federal funding would be provided to nursing homes that continued to include arbitration requirements to residents. Less than a year later, they’re moving to eliminate this rule. After the death of a patient at…

New Texas Laws for 2017-2018
Jeff Rasansky September 11, 2017

The 85th Texas Legislature has finally concluded, and there are 1,252 new Texas laws on the books. While many of these new laws will affect only a few Texans, some of them will have a big impact on many. We wanted to give our readers a peek at some of these new laws, while explaining (in layman’s…

Texting and Driving Laws in Texas
Jeff Rasansky September 26, 2017

As of September 1st, 2017, texting and driving is illegal in Texas! Governor Greg Abbott announced on June 6th that he’s signed House Bill 62 into law, making Texas the 47th state to officially ban the dangerous practice of texting while driving. At least 45 cities have also enacted hands-free ordinances. Beginning on Friday September…

Jeff Rasansky August 11, 2017

Power lines running over lakes and waterways can be extremely dangerous to boaters. Following the tragic accident on Saturday where three boy scouts were electrocuted after their sailboat came in contact with overhead power lines, many are asking how such an accident was allowed to occur in the first place. On Saturday, August 8th, 2017,…

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