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Auto Accidents Rasansky Law Firm December 23, 2015
Out-of-State Car Accident Attorney
Jeff Rasansky September 26, 2016

If you’ve been injured in a car accident while traveling through the state of Texas, our law firm may be able to help you. When an individual is involved in a car accident in another state, it can frequently become a complicated affair. How complicated it may be depends on the extent of damages and injuries (as well…

Texas Car Crash Report
Jeff Rasansky September 20, 2016

Obtaining a copy of your car accident police report is vital to your case as it provides an objective overview of the facts, as well as valuable information about your accident. Accident reports can include contact information for the other parties, their insurance information, vehicle information, date and location of the collision, and so much more. An accurate accident report can mean…

Texting and Driving Laws in Texas
Jeff Rasansky September 19, 2016

While Texas still doesn’t have a statewide ban on texting and driving, as of 2016, at least 67 cities have banned the practice. Last updated: September 15th, 2016 (09/15/2016) Unlike nearly every US state, Texas has no state-wide law banning texting while driving. Only Texas, Arizona, Missouri, and Montana have yet to ban the practice….

What Is My Injury Case Worth?
Jeff Rasansky August 4, 2016

How much is my car accident or personal injury claim worth? If you’ve been hurt in an accident or otherwise suffered a personal injury, you may be wondering how much your potential case is worth, and whether or not you can settle the case yourself. Let’s discuss! A personal injury claim is not something that…

Medical Treatment after an Accident
Jeff Rasansky July 13, 2016

Hurt in a car crash? It’s vital that you see a doctor as soon as possible. Failing to do so will likely result in a denied claim. While it can be tempting to “tough it out” and avoid seeking medical treatment after a car accident, you need to understand that this will likely prevent you from being able to recover any compensation for your…

Car Accident Statistics in Texas
Jeff Rasansky July 14, 2016

For quite some time, the Lone Star State has unfortunately been known as the car accident capital of America. It’s estimated that about 3,500 people are killed on Texas roads every year. While car accidents are caused by many reasons, the main contributing factors in Texas have consistently been speeding and driving under the influence. Today, we’ll look at the…

Motorcycle Passenger Laws in Texas
Jeff Rasansky June 14, 2016

Texas has specific laws regarding child motorcycle passengers. Surprisingly, there are only five states that have minimum age requirements for motorcycle passengers, and Texas is one of those states. Under the provisions of Texas House Bill 537 (introduced in September 2009), children under the age of five are prohibited from riding on a motorcycle—with two…

Pedestrian Crossing Laws in Texas
Jeff Rasansky April 7, 2016

What’s an unmarked crosswalk? Who has the right of way? The concept of an unmarked crosswalk is often misunderstood. Unfortunately, this lack of familiarity and understanding can lead to serious car accidents involving pedestrians. Texas has specific laws that define the responsibilities of both drivers and pedestrians with regard to unmarked crosswalks, and we’re happy to elaborate on the…

Letter of Protection
Jeff Rasansky August 25, 2016

Can I get medical treatment through a Letter of Protection? When an individual is involved in a serious accident, the medical costs can be astronomical. If the victim doesn’t have the means to cover those costs up-front, it can be quite difficult for them to obtain the medical treatment they need. In many cases, the…

Insurance Company Deceptive Tactics
Jeff Rasansky February 5, 2016

Learn about the most-common underhanded tricks used by insurance companies and their claims adjusters to hurt your case or deny a valid claim. Insurance companies use a number of unscrupulous tactics in order to deny a claim, reduce the potential value of a valid claim, or otherwise cause harm to your case. You must understand that the insurance…

Car vs Cow Accidents in Texas
Jeff Rasansky May 3, 2016

Learn about Texas’ fence laws, as well as how they apply to car accidents involving cows, horses, or other livestock wondering loose on Texas roads and highways. The state of Texas is what is called an “open range” or “fence out” state. What this means is the owner of livestock is not generally obligated to prevent…

2015 Texas Car Accident Statistics
Jeff Rasansky September 18, 2015

The cost of traffic injuries and deaths is at its highest level since 2007 and doesn’t appear to be getting any better. The statistics released by the National Safety Council in July 2015 show an alarming increase of 30 percent over the first six months of 2014. Present indicators are that 2015 is destined to…

Dangerous Intersections in Fort Worth
Jeff Rasansky September 19, 2016

Fort Worth, Texas has its fair share of dangerous intersections. The population in Fort Worth is expanding. This has resulted in an elevated number of drivers, and thus, quite a few car accidents. While many accidents are unavoidable, it’s our hope that making people aware of these dangerous intersections will lead to an increase in awareness and a decline in collisions. Below is a very…

Cargo Left on the Highway
Jeff Rasansky September 19, 2016

If your automobile accident was caused by road debris or fallen cargo, you may be facing an uphill battle. There are many causes of car accidents in Dallas-Fort Worth, including inattentive driving, road construction, weather conditions, and even debris or truck cargo left in the roadway. When items fall from trucks, out of vehicles, or cross the road…

Car Insurance Claim Denied
Jeff Rasansky January 27, 2015

Is your insurance company on your side? Oftentimes, yes – but not if it’s costing them money. When you buy auto insurance, it’s with the assumption that you will have coverage in the event of an accident which causes you serious injury. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always fit in with the insurance companies profit margins. Insurance companies are businesses…

Dangerous Intersections in Arlington Texas
Jeff Rasansky November 14, 2014

The worst intersections for red-light wrecks in Arlington Texas. No matter where you live, there will always be some intersections that are more dangerous than others. It’s important to educate yourself about the intersections which are more prone to auto accidents in order to take necessary precautionary measures. As road construction continues in Arlington, all…

Determining Fault in a Car Accident
Jeff Rasansky October 9, 2015

Determining fault in a car accident can be a complex process. Car accidents are complex and involve a myriad of factors. It thus follows that proving liability (or who’s at fault) can be a complicated issue that needs careful investigation. Drunk driving, distracted driving, manufacturer defects, the condition of the road and driver fatigue can all play…

2525 McKinnon Street #550, Dallas, TX 75201
Jeff Rasansky September 2, 2016

Need a downtown Dallas car accident lawyer? Call Rasansky Law Firm at 1-800-ATTORNEY. Car accidents are an unfortunate, but somewhat expected occurrence. Some accidents, however, can leave your world turned upside down. The amount of money you’ll spend seeking treatment and rehabilitation, as well as the income you’ll lose while you miss work can put an enormous…

Crash Report
Jeff Rasansky September 20, 2016

Do I need a police report after a car accident in Texas? The first few days after a car accident can be painful, frustrating, and downright confusing. Insurance adjusters are asking questions, medical bills are piling up, and you may not know what to do next. Police accident reports are not immediately available to the…

Jeff Rasansky May 6, 2016

Memorial Day weekend has the highest number of traffic fatalities of any holiday. Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start to summer. During this weekend highway traffic is expected to increase, and unfortunately, so is the number of drunk drivers. According to the U.S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this holiday ranks the highest when…

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