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by Jeff Rasansky - November 2, 2010
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

Handwritten Insurance Claim Form with pen and calculatorPersonal injury lawyers in Texas specialize in dealing with bad faith insurance claims. There are many cases involving bad faith insurance claims, especially when a car wreck has occurred. After a car accident, insurance companies often resort to bad faith, meaning that they deny legitimate insurance claims to insurance policy holders. The promptness with which the insurance company displays in collecting premiums is not reciprocated when giving out legitimate insurance money to the policyholders. During such scenarios, the policyholder should seek assistance from a car wreck lawyer who specializes in dealing with these situations and can ensure that the policyholder or the family of the policyholder gets the legitimate insurance money.

A vehicle accident lawyer will be able to deal with the various instances of bad faith from insurance companies. The various bad faith practices performed by insurance companies include:

  • Failure to investigate the claims made by a policyholder
  • Unreasonably delaying payments
  • Denying a legitimate claim that fulfills all the criteria of the insurance policy
  • Failure to defend the policyholder against a third party claim
  • Plainly placing the financial interest of the insurance company above the legitimate financial claim of the policyholder
  • Offering or paying less than what should be paid according to the terms of the insurance
  • Using the previous claim history of the policyholder to deny the legitimate claim of a policyholder

Your personal injury lawyer will tell you about the different legal provisions protecting your interests in the case of a bad faith claim. The Texas insurance code requires the insurance companies to follow certain standards of conduct while dealing with Insurance claims. For instance, the laws in the state of Texas stipulate the time-period that should elapse before the insurance companies should process an insurance claim. At present, insurance companies are required to send a written acknowledgment letter and begin an investigation, requesting all necessary statements and documents necessary to process the claim within 15 days of the policyholder submitting a plea for the claim.

In case of a car or a motorcycle accident, the personal injury lawyer representing you is aware of the different Texas laws governing the insurance policies and armed with the knowledge of these laws, the personal injury lawyer can ensure that you receive full compensation from the insurance companies after you have had an accident. The policyholders can also file a lawsuit against the insurer and seek punitive damages for the harassment caused by the insurer.

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