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by Jeff Rasansky - November 2, 2012
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with 25 years of legal experience.

Hiring a lawyer can help you if you have been denied Social Security benefits that you are justly owed. What prevents people from getting these benefits, in many cases, is simply the fact that the people filing for the benefits do not know how to work the system. Of course, attorneys are masters at this and can greatly increase the chances that you will get the benefits that you are due.

Why it Happens

In many cases, the reason that people end up getting a legitimate Social Security disability claim denied is because they simply fail to understand the rules of the bureaucracy involved. One of the most common mistakes occurs when people keep reapplying for benefits for which they have already been turned down. There is actually a lengthy appeals process involved if you are turned down and, because it is very complex, people who try to take that on by themselves also end up getting poor results, in many cases. When people hire an attorney, things usually get much easier.

An Attorney’s Role

An attorney with experience working with the Social Security Administration can ensure that you maximize your chances of getting the benefits that you’re owed. Even if it goes all the way to an appeal in front of the judge, the attorney will understand how to handle the system and how to represent you in the most effective way possible. This not only increases your chances of getting your benefits, it eliminates the need for you to go through all of the stress involved in trying to negotiate the Social Security Administration yourself.

If you’re worried about money – and you probably are, if you are waiting on Social Security benefits – remember that many attorneys work on contingency. These attorneys forego any pay for their services if they fail to win your claim. This means that you can proceed with their assistance with confidence, knowing that you will be on the hook for legal fees if you don’t win.

The good news is that, if you are owed benefits, there is a chance that you will be paid back benefits, which can really help with your income. Instead of coming up against brick walls over and over again, it’s easier to use a lawyer’s services to get benefits from the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration is not trying to roadblock you, but the process is enormously complex and detailed.

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