Man Sues Texas Bar For Serving Drunk Driver Who Caused Crash

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A Harris County man is suing a bar that served his friend alcohol directly before a drunk driving accident that ended with serious injuries.

HandcuffsandScotchGlassAccording to news reports, Kenneth Smith of Spring, Texas, is suing DRL & P Corp., Spring Social Club and Richard Loughridge, doing business as Papa’s on the Lake, after he says a bartender served Roath Matthew alcoholic drinks even after the man couldn’t walk or communicate effectively.

After Matthew left the bar – with Smith in the passenger seat – the intoxicated man lost control of his vehicle on McCaleb Road in Conroe, running off the road and rolling his SUV. Smith was ejected from the car during the car crash and suffered serious injuries.

Smith’s car accident attorney alleges that the Spring bar that served Matthew was negligent because they continued to serve drinks to a many that was clearly a danger to himself and others. Smith is seeking a half-million dollars in both actual and exemplary damages in the drunk driving accident.


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