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Product Liability Rasansky Law Firm January 4, 2016
Tread Separation/ Delamination/ Detreading
Jeff Rasansky February 23, 2016

How safe are your tires? Not very, according to a recent study by The Safety Institute. The most recent reliable statistics show an alarming rise in tire-related car accident death rates, while other kinds of crashes involving passenger vehicles have remained relatively stable.

Unsafe Christmas Gifts for Children
Jeff Rasansky May 6, 2016

Avoid buying potentially dangerous toys this Christmas season. As we approach Christmas, its important for parents to be aware of the safety issues regarding this year’s most-popular toys. You must always consider the potential risks associated with the toys on your child’s Christmas list, and to help in this, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 most-dangerous toys for the…

Ford Explorers were susceptible to rollover with their Firestone tires.
Jeff Rasansky July 30, 2015

While the recent Takata airbag recall is the largest auto recall in history, there have been a number of huge recalls in the US. The NHTSA finally released the full list of vehicles affected by the huge Takata exploding airbag recall, and I thought this would be a good time to revisit some of the…

Takata Airbag Recall
Jeff Rasansky July 5, 2016

33.8 million vehicles have been recalled for exploding airbags. That’s 1 out of every 7 cars currently on U.S. roads! A few years ago, rumors arose that one of the largest manufacturers of airbags, the Japanese company Takata, had been producing defective airbags for as long as a decade. While many automobile companies have now issued…

Exploding Battery Lawsuit Attorney
Jeff Rasansky June 3, 2016

If you’ve been burned or otherwise injured as the result of a defective battery, let our Dallas personal injury attorneys get you the money you deserve. In most cases when a battery explodes, it is either the result of a physical damage or due to a defective product. Whether involving a cell phone, a laptop, an e-cigarette, etc, it…

Dangerous Christmas Toys
Jeff Rasansky December 15, 2014

Do you know which dangerous toys to avoid buying this year? As Christmas season approaches, it’s important for parents to be aware of the potentially dangerous toys that can actually cause harm to your children. You cannot just assume that because the toys are on the shelves at the stores (both online and offline), that they are safe for…

Defective Guardrail Accident Lawyer
Jeff Rasansky February 26, 2016

What do the results of the whistleblower lawsuit against Trinity Industries mean for those who’ve been injured or killed by these guardrails? Trinity Industries has been in the news over the last couple of years (we’ve even blogged on it before) thanks to the actions of a whistleblower who accused the company and its owner of defrauding…

Guardrail Car Accidents
Jeff Rasansky May 6, 2016

Are highway guardrails made by Trinity Industries safe? A guardrail’s main purpose is to protect drivers. Guardrails are installed on highways across the country, and most of the time they do a great job at absorbing impact as well as decreasing a car’s momentum ensuring that the severity of an auto accident is mitigated. Now,…

Jeff Rasansky May 6, 2016

Congress recently held a meeting with GM boss Mary Barra and other individuals regarding a fatal flaw in GM vehicles that took 10 years to be remedied. Even then, by the time GM acknowledged that their cars indeed had flaws, the damage had already been done: 13 people have died as a result of a…

Jeff Rasansky January 4, 2016

CT scans and your risk of radiation poisoning. In the world of medical care, many things can go wrong. Medical staff must always stay aware and be proactive in any given situation in order to promote patient safety. One common safety issue is a lack of maintenance when it comes to hospital equipment. If a medical…

Jeff Rasansky August 8, 2014

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people receive dialysis for the treatment of impaired kidneys. Dialysis helps the kidneys function. Dialysis works with two fluids – one is a drug known as dialysate and the other is the patient’s own blood. When performed properly, dialysis helps maintain the correct acid balance in the blood stream….

Jeff Rasansky January 4, 2016

Fortunately, when a defect is discovered with a product, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission usually works with the manufacturer to organize a recall. Sometimes the recall simply involves getting a part from the manufacturer and replacing a part that came with the product or adding it to the product to make it safe. For…

Jeff Rasansky January 4, 2016

In 2012 automakers issued a total of 586 car recalls affecting more than 16.2 million vehicles. Five automakers topped the list of recalls. Toyota: In 2009 and 2010 Toyota recalled more than 9.3 million vehicles because of sudden acceleration concerns.  This year the auto manufacturer announced 13 recalls involving 5.3 million vehicles in the U.S.,…

Risperdal Lawsuits in Dallas
Jeff Rasansky January 4, 2016

When defective product lawsuits are filed, they’re oftentimes filed because the labeling on a product was incorrect. For example, the product may be deemed to have been defective because a label implied that it could be safely used for something but the product actually presented a real danger when it was put to that use….

Jeff Rasansky January 4, 2016

LG Electronics and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission have announced that they are recalling approximately 161,000 electric ranges due to burn and fire hazards. According to a press release, the electric ranges may not turn off after they are switched off, meaning that the temperature could remain high. The temperature can also increase unexpectedly…

Jeff Rasansky November 15, 2016

Another woman has filed a lawsuit against Bayer over their birth control drug Yaz. The woman alleges that she suffered a stroke that was brought on by blood clots that were caused by the contraceptive medication. Her lawsuit alleges that Bayer was negligent in that they failed to warn about the hazard of strokes, that…

Jeff Rasansky January 4, 2016

For tiny people, babies need a lot of stuff—and, that stuff isn’t cheap. New parents on a budget often take advantage of hand-me-downs, Craig’s List, yard-sale finds, and eBay to purchase baby products. The good news is that parents save money; the bad news is that some of these products have been recalled or discontinued…

Can I Sue For Lost Wages?
Jeff Rasansky January 4, 2016

You’ve set up the nursery and brought your baby home. You’ve been busy with feedings and diaper changing and trying out all that new baby gear. You haven’t had time to deal with the pile of product registration cards that are waiting to be filled out. I know that it’s been a week or a…

Jeff Rasansky January 4, 2016

Umarex USA, manufacturer of Browning air pistols, has recalled approximately 9,500 air pistols in conjunction with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. The recall was announced on August 16, 2011 and is still in effect. According to information from the manufacturer, this recall includes any and all Browning 800 Mag Air pistols. These air pistols…

Jeff Rasansky January 4, 2016

In June 2011, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) enacted new safety standards for all cribs sold in the United States. If you were already using a crib before the new law took effect, your child’s crib may not meet these safety standards. In fact, your crib may pose a danger to your child….

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