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by Staff - December 17, 2013


Texas’ 2003 tort reform laws included a requirement that anyone filing a medical malpractice claim in the state must provide a medical expert’s report within 120 days of submitting their case. In other words, a medical professional’s opinion is absolutely required if you are seeking compensation for a medical error.

Having medical experts on your side during a medical malpractice lawsuit is key to winning your case. A medical expert’s testimony can verify that your injury was the result of carelessness or negligence, help the jury understand the extent of your injuries, and help explain permanent injuries and future medical requirements. In addition, a medical witness can clearly explain the evidence in your case (medical records and medical bills) and that your medical issues were not pre-existing.

In addition to a medical expert, you may want other expert witnesses to testify during your trial, including an economic damage expert, a vocational rehabilitation expert, and a life care plan expert.

At the Rasansky Law Firm, our Texas medical malpractice attorneys understand how important securing a knowledgeable and experienced medical expert is to the outcome of your case. To speak with one of our lawyers and learn more about your case, please request a free, private consultation by calling us today.

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