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by Jeff Rasansky - December 1, 2013
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with 25 years of legal experience.

Are you unsure if your situation was caused by “medical malpractice?”

People sometimes end up not suing for malpractice, even when they could have, because they simply did not know that they were the victims of malpractice to begin with. If you’re wondering about whether or not you’ve been a victim of malpractice, you need to speak with an attorney to find out for sure. Here are some things to consider, however, in determining whether or not you’re ready to make that call.

1: Were You Misdiagnosed?

Wrong and misdiagnosis cases constitute almost half of the medical malpractice claims that make their way through courts every year. If a physician diagnosed you incorrectly or didn’t diagnose a condition you had and you came to harm because of that, you may be able to file a successful lawsuit.


2: Given the Wrong Medication?

If you were given the wrong medication and you came to harm because of it, you may want to contact an attorney. The attorney can take a look at the situation and see if it ascends to the level of malpractice or not. Some people end up being hurt or killed when this happens, so there’s good reason to consider suing if it’s happened to you.

3: Wrong Procedure

If you were given a wrong procedure, you certainly should contact a medical malpractice attorney. There have been cases where people have actually had a completely unnecessary surgery performed on them and, because of that, where they have suffered needlessly financially and physically. If you have been given the incorrect procedure, you definitely need to contact an attorney.

4: Wrongful Death

If a loved one in your family died because of medical malpractice, you should consider filing a claim. Medical negligence is deadly, in some cases. Those who are left behind oftentimes suffer with burdensome expenses, the loss of the support and comfort of a family member and many other hardships. This is why people bring lawsuits for wrongful death.

Your healthcare provider is held to higher standards than other professionals. There is good reason for this. If they have harmed you in the course of their duties, you owe it to yourself to talk to an attorney about filing a lawsuit.

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