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by Jeff Rasansky - November 30, 2013
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with 25 years of legal experience.

There are plenty of trucking companies out there that don’t hold up to their responsibilities. While you may be able to engage the services of a truck accident attorney after the fact, it’s better for everyone if you don’t get injured in the first place. This means driving smart and knowing the signs that manifest before something’s about to go drastically wrong.


Jackknife Accidents: A classic, and deadly, type of accident that occurs in slippery conditions, this involves the trailer and the cab of the vehicle folding together, hence the name. Any signs that a truck is swerving out of control or that the trailer is gaining distance on the cab mean you have to get out of the way and fast. Pull over, accelerate or decelerate; do whatever you have to do to avoid this dangerous big rig crash.

Downhill Dangers: Trucks carry so much weight that it’s easy for them to go out of control when going downhill. This is especially dangerous on curvy roads. If you have a truck gaining on you from behind, get out of the way and let them pass. If you find yourself gaining on a truck that’s crawling down a hill, it’s because the driver is shifted down in gears and has to limit their speed for safety. Be sure to back off of them. If you get a safe chance to pass, take it.

Passing Hazards: Truckers have a hard time seeing behind them. While their mirrors offer acceptable coverage, there is a huge blind spot behind the truck. You can avoid a big rig crash by staying far behind them when they pass. As they pass you, slow down, if possible. Do not speed up to avoid being passed and do not shadow them closely. They cannot see you if you do either.

If you’ve been injured because a trucker failed to obey traffic laws or because they were driving recklessly, you should contact an attorney. A big rig crash can result in death, severe injury and substantial financial damages. You may have a case that will enable you to win a jury award or a settlement from the trucking company. Make sure you talk to an attorney before accepting any settlement amount from a trucking company. Sometimes they offer small amounts to avoid trouble, but you may be entitled to much more.

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