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by Jeff Rasansky - November 23, 2013
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with 25 years of legal experience.

A Mesquite woman killed one person and seriously injured two others when she drove the wrong way down Interstate 30 in Texas last week.

The woman, who had been drinking and driving, slammed into another pickup truck head-on, causing a totally preventable car accident and closing I-30 for several hours.

While it is surprising to learn, wrong way driving accidents are more common in Texas than one might think. What are the common reasons for wrong way interstate crashes?

  • Drunk driving. In these cases, confused and inebriated drivers are unable to follow signs or obey traffic laws, confused or even blacked out, drunk or high drivers will speed down the wrong way of a freeway or interstate, often in complete ignorance to what they are doing.
  • Confused drivers. Some wrong way accidents take place when sick or elderly drivers simply drive down an exit ramp or become turned around while driving. These wrong way accidents, like drunk driving accidents, are more likely to occur at night when it is more difficult to navigate.
  • Poor signage. Some highway onramps and offramps can be confusing, especially if there is not enough appropriate signage to correctly direct drivers or warn drivers that they are going the wrong way.
  • Poorly designed roads. Some interstate exchanges look like nothing but a garble of confusing ramps and turns from the sky – and they can be even more confusing when you are trying to navigate on the ground. In some wrong way interstate driving incidents, confused drivers got going the wrong way by taking the same wrong turn.

If you see a driver traveling the wrong way on a Texas road, call 911 immediately to report the incident. If you have been injured by a wrong way driver and are seeking compensation for your injuries, talk to a Texas car accident lawyer today.

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