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Your child deserves the best life possible. Let us help you in this trying time.

What should be a joyous occasion can turn deadly or disastrous in a matter of minutes. After a birth injury, your child’s life (and yours) can be affected and forever changed.  Mental, physical, educational and work abilities have all been altered forever. Sadly, many birth injuries and deaths can and should have been prevented.

If your child’s injury was caused by the negligence of the medical staff involved, or by mistakes made during the birthing process, your family may be entitled to compensation – something a trained birth injury attorney can help you with.  The costs for caring for a child with a severe brain injury are staggering.  You must hold those responsible accountable for their actions. You owe it to your child to give them the best quality of life possible.

Dallas Birth Injury Attorney

Birth injuries & obstetrical malpractice.

What is considered a birth injury?

Children can suffer from a variety of birth injuries that can lead to short or long-term consequences.  Some of the more common types include:

Doctors, nurses, midwives, and healthcare facilities can all contribute to birth trauma with their negligent actions, mistakes, errors – or their lack of action.  Health care providers must respond quickly in a crisis, and any hesitation or mistakes when faced with unexpected bleeding, umbilical cord entrapment, or signs of fetal distress can result in a devastating injury or death.  Medical equipment can malfunction, and medication errors are also often the cause of some birth injuries.

How do you know if it was a preventable birth injury?

Many parents are reluctant to seek the counsel of a birth injury lawyer when they suspect that their child was injured at birth.  This feeling is understandable, but here are some things you should know:

  • Injured children face an uncertain future. While some children may fully recover from some types of birth injuries, other children with brain damage, cerebral palsy, or nerve injuries will have long-term needs that may change over time. If you don’t know what the future holds for your child, how can you plan ahead for his or her care?
  • Expenses for a birth injury can be very high. How will you pay for all the care your child needs over the course of his or her life? Will you be able to take time off work or hire somebody to help you? Will your child need special medications or therapy? All of this can add up to a great deal of money.
  • If you are reluctant to take legal action, you may run out of time. If enough time passes, legally you and your attorney will no longer be able to seek justice for what the doctor or hospital did wrong. Also, if you wait too long, your memory won’t be fresh and it may be hard to find the right medical records and other facts needed to support your case. Don’t lose your case by waiting too long!

Get help from our birth injury lawyers today!

Our Dallas birth injury lawyers will use our extensive experience and expertise to get you and your child the compensation you deserve, and will help you prepare for the future with a detailed life care plan.  This plan will ensure that changing medical, financial and other needs are taken into account so your child will be taken care of no matter what the future may bring.

Get the help you and, more importantly, your child needs now by contacting the birth injury lawyers at Rasansky Law Firm.  We accept birth trauma, brain damage, wrongful death and cerebral palsy cases from Texas, Oklahoma and all across the United States.

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By Jeff Rasansky