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Cerebral palsy is a condition affecting body movement and muscle coordination. It is caused by brain damage during birth.

Our cerebral palsy lawyers know that in most birth injury cases, cerebral palsy is caused by damage to one or more specific areas of the brain – usually during the labor and delivery process from lack of oxygen. Cerebral palsy, or CP, causes muscle weakness, loss of muscle control, brain damage, and damage to other major organs. Symptoms usually appear in the first few years of life and generally do not worsen over time. Unfortunately, cerebral palsy is not curable; however, physical therapy can help improve motor function.

Brain damage causes cerebral palsy.

Birth injury cases account for only approximately fifteen (15%) percent to twenty (20%) percent of all cerebral palsy cases. Asphyxia, or suffocation, cord injuries, infections, ruptured placentas are common causes of cerebral palsy during the birth process.

If your child has any type of cerebral palsy such as athetoid cerebral palsy, spastic cerebral palsy, or ataxic cerebral palsy caused by a medical mistake or negligence, feel comfort in knowing you have made a step in the right direction by contacting an experienced Dallas cerebral palsy lawyer who cares.

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