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Larger truck loads, driver errors & mechanical failures are causing more & more 18-wheeler truck accidents in Dallas.

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen? Money. Plain and simple. Profits over safety.

Big rig trucks, semis and 18-wheelers are particularly dangerous when they become involved in an auto accident. Our Dallas truck accident lawyers have witnessed trucking companies time and again claim they are revising their safety policies and procedures to try and reduce the number of deadly accidents   and then turn around and continue placing profits ahead of driver safety.

DID YOU KNOW: Over 15 million trucks are driving on the road in any given year, and in that time over 100,000 people are injured in truck accidents.

What are some of the main causes of car-vs-truck accidents in Dallas?

  • Speeding: When a truck driver speeds in order to meet a deadline, he or she is acting recklessly. Attempting to move an ~80,000 pound road monster faster then the speed limit is never a good idea. It is very hard to stop when you have that much weight and mass behind you.
  • Heavy Payload: When a trucker is carrying an unusually heavy load, then it is that much harder to stop the vehicle. Furthermore, when the loaded-down truck does hit another car, the damage is far more severe.
  • Lack of Maintenance: Maintaining heavy trucks is a necessity if one hopes to avoid mechanical failure. If a truck is not properly maintained, even the safest driver in the world is at a much greater risk of causing an accident. All it takes for one horrific accident to happen is for one element (such as the brakes or the suspension system) to fail.
  • Lack of Sleep: Truckers are only human and when they are overworked or sleep-deprived, they make mistakes. It’s important to realize that many experienced truckers are paid by the mile they travel, and thus want to push their bodies to the limit to earn a better paycheck. When they sleep, they lose out. Therefore, many truck drivers actually push themselves too far and end up falling asleep on the job (very dangerous when driving a 40-ton vehicle)! The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has officially ruled (as of July 1, 2013) that truckers are allowed to drive as much as 11 hours at a time, but are then forced to take at least 2 hours off. They are effectively prohibiting drivers from being on duty more than 70 hours in a calendar week. Unfortunately, some truckers are now lying about their schedules and falsifying hours-of-service records.
  • Highway Hypnosis: This condition refers to a sort of trance-like state that occurs after a driver goes thousands of miles watching the same monotonous road scenery. Eventually a driver can zone out and fail to register minor visual details which defensive drivers must catch to avoid a collision.
  • Blind Spots: One of the first thing new drivers learn when taking a driving test is to avoid the truck driver’s blind spot. Most mirror systems on trucks do not allow the trucker a full view of the area behind them. Loud engine noise also tends to drown out any honks from concerned motorists. This makes it very easy for them to accidentally sideswipe another motorist.
  • Carelessness or Recklessness: Last, but not least, some truckers just have a negligent attitude and think that every other motorist should yield to them because of their massive size. Not everyone can — and the results can be deadly.

Why are truck accidents so deadly?

Dallas TX Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial Vehicle Accidents in Dallas

Semi-trailer or 18-wheeler accidents cause serious accidents because trucks are much more massive than the other vehicles on the road. This, combined with a greater stopping distance causes much greater force upon impact. The typical injuries we see include broken bones, spinal cord injuries including paralysis, brain injury or brain damage, and oftentimes death. Commercial trucks are also not built to withstand much of an impact, and really have no crumple zones or other safety features in regards to structure. This makes many 18-wheeler accidents just as dangerous for the truck driver. But truck drivers (and thus, trucking companies) are not always the only responsible parties in these types of horrific wrecks.

Our Dallas car accident lawyers evaluate these cases and look at every possible angle, and every potential party that may share in the blame. Potential parties could include the manufacturer of your car or the 18-wheeler (due to a defective product), road construction companies for failing to provide appropriate notice of road defects or road hazards, fleet maintenance companies for failing to maintain the vehicle, or any other number of potential companies or businesses. The laws involved in truck accident cases are very difficult for most to navigate and they are often wildly complex. This is why it’s important that you talk to a lawyer. Our accident attorneys can review your case for no cost, and help you fight against the negligent trucking company.

Contact a Dallas truck wreck lawyer.

Do not try to negotiate with the company on your own. Trucking companies are ruthless when it comes to tricking victims into ruining their own case. They will try and minimize your claims, distort the facts, and will outright lie to your face. Never accept their terms, and do not bargain! You are only serving to diminish the value of your case by speaking with them. Contact the Rasansky Law Firm to speak with a Dallas 18 wheeler accident lawyer today. We can help you! Calltoday. If you would like to learn even more about protecting your rights after an accident, request Jeff’s invaluable book on vehicle accidents.Inside his FREE book, The Insider’s Legal Guide: Biggest Mistakes Drivers Make After an Accident, Dallas personal injury attorney Jeffrey Rasansky explains the mistakes that drivers frequently make after an accident. You will find valuable information about:

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