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Dallas Zoloft Lawsuit Attorney
Jeff Rasansky November 15, 2016

The use of Zoloft® while pregnant has been shown to cause serious birth defects in newborn children. If your baby was born with birth defects due to the use of Zoloft while pregnant, we may be able to help recover substantial compensation for your child. Contact the Dallas Zoloft birth defect lawyers at Rasansky Law…

Birth Injuries Caused by Pitocin
Jeff Rasansky December 1, 2016

Improper use of Pitocin® during delivery is known to cause birth injuries. Our Texas attorneys explain your legal options. Did you or your baby suffer an adverse event due to the improper use of Pitocin? Contact Rasansky Law Firm today at 1-877-405-4313 for free information on how we can help you obtain the justice and compensation that your family deserves. Pitocin® (oxytocin…

Lipitor Can Increase Risk of Diabetes
Jeff Rasansky February 5, 2016

If you’ve been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes while taking Lipitor, you may have a valid claim against Pfizer. Call 1-877-405-4313 to discuss your case with our Dallas drug injury attorneys. We’ll explain the legal options available to you for no charge. Lipitor® is the worlds top-selling prescription drug. Like Crestor, Lipitor is a statin (a drug which reduces both bad cholesterol…

Jeff Rasansky February 5, 2016

Actos and its ties to bladder cancer & other health risks. In 2011, the FDA issued a warning regarding a certain drug which is used by many Americans to manage type 2 diabetes. The drug in question, Actos, works by regulating insulin production. In its warning, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found that many…

Staff August 24, 2016

WFAA-TV sits down with Jeff Rasansky to discuss Fen-Phen and other dangerous diet pills. View more on dangerous and defective drugs.

Staff August 24, 2016

Advances in science and medicine have made it possible for people to live with, or even be cured of, diseases and illnesses that were once considered life threatening. These days, a prescription drug or a certain type of treatment can literally mean the difference between life and death. Unfortunately these medical marvels often come with…

Staff August 8, 2014

Answer: The first thing is to stop taking the drug and seek medical help immediately. Be sure to bring the recalled drug with you and tell the doctor where you received the drug. Then it is best to contact a drug injury attorney who can advise you on what potential legal steps to take afterwards.

Staff January 21, 2015

Answer: You are right to be concerned. Sudden changes in personality are usually a sign that something is wrong, and our Dallas nursing home abuse attorneys urge you to take action on all cases of elder abuse. Your first step is to designate a notebook in which you will record the date, observations about your mother, the…

Staff August 8, 2014

Answer: Although there is some evidence that antipsychotic drugs can help treat a select number of seniors suffering from dementia, many medical experts and advocates for the elderly believe that antipsychotic drugs are woefully overprescribed to treat age-related neurological issues and that many seniors would benefit from alternative treatments. Some reports state that thousands of…

Jeff Rasansky February 5, 2016

Whenever a doctor prescribes a drug to you, you need to do some research into it. There are some very handy resources you can use to find out more about what you’re taking. It’s important to remember that the most deadly side effects are not always enough of a reason to prevent a doctor from…

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