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New Texas Nursing Home Laws 2017
Jeff Rasansky April 20, 2017

Several bills have been filed in 2017 which seek to improve nursing home care in Texas. Nursing home abuse is a serious problem, and one which Texas lawmakers have previously tried to legislate with little success. Now they’re making another attempt—two years after similar bills failed to pass. UPDATE 04/20/2017: On April 19th, the Texas Senate unanimously approved…

Jeff Rasansky March 3, 2017

Has a loved one died under suspicious circumstances while under the case of a nursing home or assisted living center? Losing a loved one is never easy, but it becomes even more difficult when you discover that nursing home negligence, neglect, or abuse may have led directly to their wrongful death. If you feel as though…

Houston Texas Elderly Abuse
Jeff Rasansky February 1, 2017

HOUSTON, TX — Caregiver arrested after she was caught on camera physically abusing elderly Alzheimer’s patient. Police have arrested 59-year-old caregiver Brenda Floyd today following the release of video footage showing her abusing 94-year-old Dorothy Bratten in Houston, Texas. Earlier this week, the Memorial Village Police Department released a shocking video showing an in-home health care worker repeatedly…

Minnie Graham
Jeff Rasansky January 24, 2017

Minnie Graham, an elderly resident of the Winters Park Nursing Home in Garland, suffered abuse from two workers until her family installed a hidden video camera. Nursing home caretakers Brenna Tiller and Iwuchukwu Ekechukwu were indicted after both were caught on video abusing an elderly nursing home resident in north Texas. 98-year-old Minnie Graham—who spent the…

Jeff Rasansky October 10, 2016

Nursing homes in Texas are facing serious patient-care issues… Issues which are simply unacceptable. New data shows that while the overall number of serious health-standard violations in nursing homes decreased on a nation level from 2010-2014, they actually increased in Texas. Even nursing home employees are admitting that there’s a serious decline in care which places nursing home residents…

Jeff Rasansky May 3, 2016

Total Recovery: $925,000.00 Nursing Home Abuse / Wrongful Death Jeff Rasansky secured a $925,000.00 settlement on behalf of the estate of an elderly woman who died from sepsis while under the care of a nursing home. It was discovered that staff failed to address complications related to a Groshong catheter, and as a result, the patient’s…

Jeff Rasansky May 3, 2016

Total Recovery: $800,000.00 Nursing Home Abuse / Wrongful Death Jeff Rasansky successfully represented the family of a 79-year-old nursing home patient who was deprived of food and water, which resulted in dramatic weight loss, dehydration, multiple urinary tract infections, and the woman’s eventual death. The case was eventually settled for $800,000.00.

Jeff Rasansky May 3, 2016

Total Recovery: $590,500.00 Nursing Home Abuse / Medical Malpractice After suffering a hip fracture as the result of a fall, our client was admitted to the hospital for hip surgery. During her stay, she was permitted to fall and sustain a wrist fracture, and also developed debilitating bilateral heel pressure sores. Upon her release, she was…

Jeff Rasansky May 3, 2016

Total Recovery: $425,000.00 Nursing Home Abuse / Wrongful Death Jeff Rasansky was hired by the family of a recently-deceased nursing home resident to pursue a claim against the negligent nursing home. It was discovered that the 79-year-old victim died as a result of complications caused by overmedication. Mr. Rasansky was able to reach a settlement agreement…

Jeff Rasansky May 3, 2016

Total Recovery: $491,000.00 Nursing Home Abuse / Wrongful Death Rasansky Law Firm was hired by the son of an elderly woman who died while under the care of a Texas nursing home. During our investigation, it was discovered that the victim had died as a result of sepsis due to septic shock caused by intestinal obstruction….

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