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Jeff Rasansky October 19, 2016

Injured in an accident while riding in (or driving) an Uber vehicle? Our Dallas attorneys can help you file a claim and recover the money you’re owed. Technology has improved everything involved with our everyday life, including advancements in how we experience our night life. Uber (which includes UberX,  UberXL, UberSELECT, and UberBLACK) is a ride-sharing…

Jeff Rasansky September 19, 2016

Have you been injured while riding in a Dallas-area taxi? Were you hit by a Yellow Cab driver? Taxicabs are becoming a common means of transportation in Dallas. Whether you’re a pedestrian or a passenger, if you’ve been injured in a Dallas-Fort Worth taxicab accident, you need an experienced car accident lawyer. Taxi cab accidents…

Jeff Rasansky October 26, 2015

Many Dallas pedestrian accidents could be prevented if drivers paid more attention, followed the rules of the road, and kicked distracted driving habits. However, it is also important to understand that pedestrians, too, can help make roads safer and reduce the number of car-pedestrian collisions across Texas. Here we describe the four ways Dallas pedestrians can prevent…

Jeff Rasansky May 15, 2014

One of the most difficult situations you could possibly find yourself in is one where you have a friend who wants to get behind the wheel when they’ve had too many. People who are intoxicated can be truculent, obstinate and, in some cases, they can become spontaneously violent and lash out when people won’t accept…

Jeff Rasansky September 12, 2014

Has the city of Dallas showed favoritism towards the Yellow Cab Co. versus the other cab & rideshare companies? Even when ignoring the Uber controversy, recent news may leave you with serious questions. Dallas-Fort Worth is quite a busy Metroplex, filled with people trying to commute from place to place. Therefore (as you can imagine),…

Jeff Rasansky May 15, 2014

If you like the nightlife or work late, you should learn to be safe on the roads after hours. There are some risks that go along with late night driving and, because of that, you need to be prepared. Watch for Drunks Drunk drivers are all over when the bars and the nightclubs shut their…

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