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Jeff Rasansky

About Jeff Rasansky

Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.
motorcycle accident
Jeff Rasansky December 10, 2018

If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, you might be wondering whether or not you can sue the other driver even though you weren’t wearing a helmet.  In Texas, provided you meet specific requirements, you are not legally required to wear a helmet.  If you choose not to wear a…

Raul Ortega Cabrera
Jeff Rasansky October 9, 2018

First responders were able to pull 5 of the workers from the rubble. Tragically, one worker, Raul Ortega Cabrera, didn’t make it out of the accident alive. Monday afternoon, six construction workers who sought shelter in a 3-Storey townhouse under construction were trapped under debris when it collapsed. Raul Ortega, a 35-year-old, a husband and…

Mesquite ISD bus fiery crash Kills Jazmine Alfaro Villarreal
Jeff Rasansky October 5, 2018

Mesquite ISD’s Terry Middle School Mourns the Death of a Jazmine Alfaro Villarreal, 12 years old, in a Tragic School Bus Accident. Wednesday afternoon, just before 4 p. m., a Mesquite ISD school bus was transporting 42 students from Terry Middle School when police said the bus rolled into a ditch, struck a powerline, and…

Jeff Rasansky September 20, 2018

Mesquite Home Daycare Owner Charged with 9 Counts Child Abandonment, Endangerment, and Negligence Rebecca Anderson, owner and operator of Becky’s Home Child Care, a state licensed home daycare in Mesquite, TX was arrested Sunday for charges of child endangerment having been accused of keeping infants and toddlers medicated and tied to car seats in a…

Jeff Rasansky August 21, 2018

Tips for choosing the best personal injury attorney. Once you’ve been in an accident, you’re confronted with several legal issues. Think of a personal injury attorney as your legal representative; someone who will look out for your best interests. A An experienced personal injury attorneys are will handle ALL of the legal issues, including communication…

24 fl oz Bottle of Roundup brand weed killer
Jeff Rasansky October 9, 2018

Round Up’s Carcinogenic Properties Trigger Widespread Product Liability Litigation Roundup Weed Killer is a pesticide developed by Monsanto Company that contains the active ingredient glyphosate. Millions of tons of Roundup have been used in residential, municipal, industrial and agricultural settings since it first hit the market in the 1970s.  Over the past few years, thousands…

Jeff Rasansky August 13, 2018

Holding Schools Liable for Student Injuries Can be Done, But It’s Trickier Than Most People Realize. School injuries do happen. If your child gets injured at school, know your rights! Contact Rasansky Law Firm to discuss your potential case at no charge. 214-651-6100 Almost all parents entrust schools with the care of their children 180…

Jeff Rasansky August 15, 2018

Many drugs widely prescribed and used are perceived to be safe for consumption, when they can actually be harmful. Although these drugs do have their benefits, they can be devastating and even fatal.  Stay informed about all drugs that you are taking or prescribed; your doctor may not be telling you the whole story.  Your…

Valsartan Drug Injury
Jeff Rasansky August 9, 2018

Valsartan Recall…A Case for Product Liability Valsartan impurities put millions of patients at risk of serious drug injuries. The FDA’s July 2018 recall of valsartan affects several major pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors in the US. Valsartan, is an FDA-approved medication used to treat high blood pressure & heart failure, and to reduce the risk of fatality…

Texas State Fair ferris wheel in Dallas TX
Jeff Rasansky July 12, 2018

It’s prime season for amusement and water parks and the Texas State Fair is right around the corner. As fun as they are, amusement park and carnival rides can be dangerous. We trust the owners of these facilities to keep their rides safe, but that isn’t always the case. Breaking News While this blog was…

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