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Motorcyclist on the Road
Jeff Rasansky

Did you know that: 50 percent of the motorcycle accidents occur because of the negligence of other drivers In the year 2015 nearly 4956 motorcyclists lost their lives in roadside accidents while 88,000 were severely injured Most of the accidents involved SUVs, cars, vans and trucks Well, the truth of the matter is that if…

Jeff Rasansky

If you are planning to drive a long distance, then you should have some essential things in your car trunk in case of an emergency. The last thing you want is to be left stranded and waiting for help. Now this could be any type of emergency—car accident or breakdown. Let us help you keep…

Back to School Safety picture of mom and kids with backpacks crossing the street to get to school
Jeff Rasansky

The Stakes Couldn’t be Higher Texas recoiled in horror in late September 2018 when Rebecca Anderson, owner of Becky’s Home Child Care in Mesquite, TX, was arrested for child endangerment after police discovered three children at the center tied to car seats and placed in a closet with the door closed and the lights off….

car accidents
Jeff Rasansky

If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a car accident where the driver at fault was under the influence of alcohol, you may be able to hold a restaurant or bar responsible for the accident for over serving a drunk patron and allowing that patron to leave while intoxicated….

Car Accident
Jeff Rasansky

Car accidents can be scary and traumatic events. It can be hard to think or speak clearly after a trauma, but the things that you do and say in the time immediately after a car accident can have a considerable effect on the success of a personal injury case later. Knowing what types of evidence…

underinsured motorist coverage
Jeff Rasansky

Car owners are required to carry automobile liability insurance in order to drive on Texas roads. Liability insurance will pay for another person’s expenses if you are at fault in an accident. However, despite Texas law, some drivers operate their car without having liability insurance coverage. Drivers can protect their loved ones and themselves from financially…

truck accidents
Jeff Rasansky

Large commercial trucks, such as 18-wheelers, are everywhere on our road systems. They are used to pick up and deliver products, and while very important to businesses across the country, they can be a serious threat to the average motorist.  Commercial truck accidents often result in severe injury or death, and it is often the…

car accident police report
Jeff Rasansky

It’s hard to think clearly about the future when you’ve just been rear-ended at a red light.  Your initial thoughts may lean towards how badly you’ve been hurt, the damage to your car, and where your cell phone is so you can call a loved one. As a responsible driver, first, remember not to leave…

Car crash
Jeff Rasansky

Automobile or Car Insurance.  The only purchase you make that you really hope you never use.  It can be expensive, and dealing with adjusters can be a pain after you have been in a car wreck.  If you have been injured in a car a crash, you should know that insurance companies often have a…

Out-of-State Car Accident Attorney
Jeff Rasansky

It is advisable to all the drivers to take measures while driving or stay at home if the tasks are not necessary and avoid going outside. If you have to go out to carry out an important task, drive slowly and very carefully. Try to avoid driving near a larger vehicle such as a truck…

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