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Auto accident injury

Auto accident injury Car accidents can certainly be devastating for the injured party. Recovering from the injury after an auto accident involves a lot of expenses. These expenses are the result of the affected party dealing with physical pain and mental anguish caused by the injuries.

State laws dictate that the guilty party compensates the victims for the losses due to a car accident. Here are some steps that you can take right after the accident that can have a favorable impact on your injury lawsuit.

1. Report the Incident

The first thing you need to do right after an accident is to call the police. This is important as the evidence noted down by the police will serve as the official evidence of the auto accident.

A police officer will survey the site of the investigation and get the statements of the parties involved in the accident. You must explain everything clearly regarding the accident. However, you should not make any statements that accept responsibility for the accident.

You should note down the badge number and name of the officer who arrives at the accident scene. Make sure to also request a copy of the report as it will help in determining the responsibility of the accident.

2. Get Contact Details of Witnesses

Witness testimonies can also serve as an invaluable piece of evidence in an auto accident lawsuit. You must speak with the witnesses and try to get their names and numbers.

Ask the witnesses if they consent to be contacted to provide testimony regarding the accident. Tell them that they will get a call from the insurance agent and personal injury attorney to record their statements.

But you need to make sure that the witness statements are consistent with the actual incident. Review the witnesses’ testimonies before presenting them in court to ensure they don’t jeopardize your auto accident claim.

3. Talk to the Other Driver

You must get the names of the other driver involved in an auto accident. State laws vary regarding what information you can request from the other driver. But most allow persons in an auto accident to exchange names and phone numbers.

You should ask them the name of the insurance company. Also, you should note down the make and model of the other vehicle involved in the accident.

4. Take Pictures with Smartphone

Consider taking pictures of the accident scene with your smartphone. You should take high-resolution images of the injuries sustained in the accident. Make sure that you take pictures of any bumps and other visible marks of injury.

You should also take pictures of the property damages sustained after an accident. It is important to take pictures of both internal and external damage to the vehicle. These pictures will help in estimating the losses due to vehicle damage.

In addition, you must take snaps of any sign that proves the guilt of the other driver. For instance, skid marks on the road indicate that the driver was speeding and slammed the brakes resulting in an auto accident.

The pictures can help in assessing damages sustained in a car accident. Moreover, it will also help determine the liability of the accident.

 5. Get Prompt Medical Help

Getting medical help is important after an accident. You must request the responding officer or any witness at the scene to call for an ambulance.

Immediate medical attention is critical, as it can have a favorable impact on your claim. It shows that you had taken steps to minimize the medical costs associated with the auto accident.

You should get medical help even if the signs of the injuries are not outright apparent. This is important, as some injuries such as brain injuries and spinal cord injuries become apparent weeks after an accident.

Another important reason for getting prompt medical help is that the doctor’s report will also serve as important evidence regarding the auto accident. It will help theinsurance adjustor and the members of the jury in assessing the extent of the injuries and the associated costs.

What You Should Not Do After a Car Accident?

Knowing what steps to take to protect your legal rights after an accident is important. But it is also important that you should avoid mistakes that can have a negative impact on your personal injury claim.

  • Don’t Accept Blame. You must not accept your mistake while talking to the other driver or insurance agent. It is for the other party to determine the guilt for the accident. Accepting partial blame for the accident will jeopardize your case.
  • Don’t Leave the Accident Scene. You need to stay at the scene of the accident until the arrival of the police officer or the paramedic team. Leaving the site of the accident can result in a criminal charge even if you are not to blame for the accident.
  • Don’t Talk to Other Driver’s Agent Unprepared. An insurance agent or attorney of the other driver will do anything to make you admit partial or full blame for the accident. It is their job to minimize the liability of their client.

Get in Touch with a Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident personal injury lawyer will help you in protecting your rights after an auto accident. The services of an experienced attorney will prove invaluable in recovering compensation from the guilty party.

Speaking with an auto accident lawyer with experience in personal injury cases will let you know what steps to take – and what not to take – after an auto accident. Hiring the attorney will increase the likelihood of obtaining maximum possible compensation from the guilty party.

An auto accident personal injury attorney will carry out a detailed investigation and gather evidence that proves the liability of the other driver in court.

After getting injured in an auto accident, your full focus should be on recovering from the injuries. You should let the attorney handle the details regarding the auto accident lawsuit.

To get started with the recovery process, you should contact Rasansky Law Firm for a free initial consultation regarding your case.

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