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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

Air compressors manufactured by DeVilbiss Air Power Co. of Jackson, TN have been recalled as part of a voluntary recall by the manufacturer due to a fire hazard. The air compressors were installed in popular brand-name products including Craftsman, EX-CELL and Pro-Air II.

LawGavelVoluntary Recall

According to a press release by the CPSC, these air compressors have air slots at the end of the motor that form of vertical and horizontal grid. You can find the numerical model designation on a nameplate located on the tank. A slew of model numbers have been recalled, with most of the recalled products being manufactured under the Craftsman brand name.

As a remedy to this problem, consumers can call Sears or the manufacturer themselves and they will receive a free repair kit so that they can fix the issue. This situation is one in which the manufacturer is taking the initiative and recalling a product because they believe it could be dangerous to their customers. This is not always how these situations unfold, however. Some products remain on the market long after it is discovered that they pose a danger to the public and, because of that, they do end up causing injuries and property damage to people who own them.

Product Liability Laws

Texas product liability laws provide you with a remedy in the event that you purchase a product that turns out to be dangerous. If that product causes you injury, you can take the manufacturer to court and sue them to get the money that the product cost you back. This requires, in most cases, that you have an expert to present testimony about the dangers of the product and that you have a very good lawyer who can go up against companies that may have a very large amount of money to spend on their own defense.

In some cases, manufacturers who know that a product they have put on the market is dangerous will offer a settlement to people who have been injured by that product. In these situations, the best advice is to talk to a lawyer before you accept a settlement. If you are offered a settlement, it’s likely because the manufacturer believes that you have a strong case. Of course, they’ll try to offer you as little as they can, so you want to make certain that you’re not taking too little money for the damage and possible injuries you suffered.

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