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As is the case with any big city, people in Dallas sometimes drive when they really don’t have to. In some cases, they may be risking getting into a wreck simply because they’re driving at statistically more dangerous times of the day or night. Here are some ways that you can avoid getting in a wreck by understanding people’s driving habits.


Avoiding Hazards When Driving

Accidents are more common at night, simply because there is decreased visibility on the roads. However, there are other reasons that people get in wrecks at certain times of the night and you may want to make sure that you stay off the road during these hours.
Right around midnight, particularly on the weekends, bars tend to start clearing out. Of course, this means that there will be quite a few people on the road who are not exactly in the best possible condition for driving and this is one time of the night you may want to avoid. Generally, the hours between 12:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. are the most dangerous for drunk drivers. If you can avoid it, don’t be on the road during these hours.

Dusk and dawn.

These are hours with the sun is in people’s eyes and when people tend to be a bit drowsy, particularly around dawn. Of course, these hours are when many of the drivers may also be coming from or going to work, which means they may be in a rush and not paying very close attention to the road. To avoid getting in a wreck with these drivers, you may want to skip driving in rush hour traffic.

Rain and snow.

It rarely snows particularly hard in Dallas, but there are occasions when it does and, because this area isn’t known for harsh winters, that almost makes it worse. Drivers in places such as Alaska and Minnesota will be fine when it snows; drivers in Dallas may really not be very good at driving in it. Consider staying home during inclement weather.
Dallas car wreck attorney may be able to help you win compensation if you’re injured in a car wreck under any circumstances. If you’re in a wreck and need a personal injury attorney in a hurry, consider contacting one that works on contingency. You can work with these attorneys without paying upfront fees, and this may make it possible for you to start pursuing your claim right away rather than waiting until you have the money to pay for it in full.

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