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While not every head-on accident is avoidable, you can use some basic driving skills to give yourself the best chance at escaping serious injury.

If you’re injured because a driver was negligent and caused a head-on accident, it is your right to seek out legal representation; however, escaping unharmed is always the best outcome.

Avoiding a Head-on Car Accident
Avoiding a Head-on Collision

See it coming.

When you see a driver veering toward you, don’t waste valuable seconds wondering if you need to react or not. You need to react and you need to do it right away. You’ll want to get out of the travel path of their vehicle. If they keep coming at you when you veer, do anything you need to, including stopping, if it’s safe, to prevent the wreck. Drivers that keep on heading into you are probably drunk.

React intelligently.

Don’t panic, above all other things. The minute you see one of these wrecks coming, you should start to react. Look for an escape route but remember that moving farther into their path of travel is not an escape route. Ideally, you can cross behind their path of travel. For instance, if they were veering right toward you and continuing on that way, go to your left so that you’re passing behind them, not in front.

Make noise!

Blast your horn and flash your lights. They may be drowsy or drunk and you need to snap them out of it, if you can. Remember that they may suddenly jerk back into their lane, so don’t cross into their lane unless you absolutely must to avoid hitting them. If you stay on a predictable course of travel, it will make it easier for them to correct. If you have to hit the shoulder of the road to avoid crossing paths, slow down and do it. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to avoid one of these devastating hits.
Dallas accident attorney may be willing to represent you if negligence on the part of the other driver caused your wreck. It’s important to call an attorney soon after the incident, as there may not be that much time to secure evidence, seek medical attention, and file a claim. Your lawyer should explain the options available to you for no charge during your initial consultation.

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