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Did you know that poor car maintenance can actually cause or contribute to the severity of a car accident?

While many people list speed, reckless driving, and distracted driving as common causes of car accidents, many fail to consider that the state of the car itself can be a factor in a serious crash. How can you maintain your car and prevent possible car accidents?

  • Beware of old tires. If your tires are worn down or worn out, they could put your life in jeopardy while on the road. Cars with worn treads are more likely to slide on ice, rain, and snow, while generally old tires could burst as your drive, causing you to lose control of your vehicle.
  • Wash your windshield. If your windshield is dirty or covered in a web of cracks, you can have trouble seeing approaching dangers, avoiding accident, or locating hazards. If the corners of your windshield are dirty, you may have trouble spotting pedestrians or cyclists who are crossing the street or using a bike lane.
  • Get your brakes checked. If your brake pads are worn out, they could stop working effectively and cause any number of serious accidents or collisions.
  • Make sure your brake lights work. Drivers behind you rely on your brake lights to know when you car is slowing down or stopping – it can be difficult to recognize a slowing car from the back without the help of the lights. If even one of your brake lights is out, you could be putting yourself in danger of a rear-end accident.
  • Make sure your headlights work. Everyone can recognize the danger of having both headlights out, but you should also know that having even one headlight out can significantly decrease your ability to see at night. Only having one working headlight increases your chances of a crash, a pedestrian accident, or even a run-in with an animal crossing the highway.
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