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Has a guard rail contributed to the severity of your car accident? It may have been incorrectly designed.

They’ve become commonplace to motorists in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. They’re meant to prevent vehicles from unintentionally straying into dangerous or off-limits areas, but guard rails (also referred to as guardrails or guide rails) may need a safety upgrade. Don’t get us wrong – guard rails prevent countless serious accidents, and are a blessing to many who’ve been involved in a highway car accident. But for some, these highway safety devices have hurt more than help.
Many of us have seen the pictures (like the one shown below) – especially lawyers who are involved in car accident litigation every day like our attorneys. And many of us have wondered at one time or another if the current guard rail designs are effective for all types of accidents.

Whistleblower Files Guard Rail Lawsuit

Guardrail_Crash_540x373One self-described whistleblower has actually filed a lawsuit claiming that at least one version of the guard rail was never approved for use, and doesn’t match the specifications given to the government for approval. The person who brought the lawsuit is actually a competing manufacturer of guardrails, Joshua Harman. Harman claims that the smaller “ET-Plus guardrail” head is more likely to fall off in a collision, transforming the guardrail into a spear. “It’s impaling vehicles, cutting legs off, cutting people literally in half,” he says. The manufacturer vehemently denies any problems and has sued the whistleblower. See more about this lawsuit here.
The following is a sample (I repeat, only a sample) of the many stories where guardrails have contributed to the severity of the injury.

Again, I do fully understand the value of guard rails. Being a Dallas car accident lawyer, I know that they have saved countless lives when operating correctly. All I’m saying, and I’m sure many of you will agree, is that maybe it’s time to take another look at the guardrails we use on our highways. If the guardrails don’t match the specifications given to the government for approval, or if there are better-designed systems available, I think the lives saved would be well-worth the effort.
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