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Insurance companies make a lot of money selling the promise that they’ll be there when something goes wrong on the road.

Sometimes, they live up to it. In many cases, however, they fall short of that promise. When you’re in this situation, you don’t need another excuse; you need an experienced automobile accident lawyer.

Dealing With Insurance
Dealing With Insurance

If you’re wondering why you need a car accident lawyer, consider the reason they exist in the first place. Lawyers provide an important service for people in your exact situation, and without a lawyer on your side, you’re simply at a disadvantage.
They’re experts at dealing with bureaucracies and of knowing the most obscure rules insurance companies have in place. They also know the obligations that companies have to their clients under the law. When they deal with insurance companies, the insurance company is much more likely to take your claim seriously. The company knows they’re not going to get get anything past an attorney, and of course if they try, they’re just going to make it worse for themselves.
What lawyers bring to your aid is knowledge and experience. They have confidence when they’re dealing with these companies because they’ve done it before, they know what to look out for, and they’ll do everything in their power to ensure their client gets paid.

When to contact a lawyer.

The best time to contact a lawyer is right after the wreck, but the sooner, the better. In fact, if an attorney takes you on as a client, they’ll insulate you from the insurance company completely, letting you focus on recovering from your injuries. Remember, the insurance company will most certainly be trying to find a way to avoid paying you a dime, so you need someone on your side advocating on your behalf.

Insurance coverage.

There may be cases where you’re not covered for certain types of damage, and where the insurance company legally doesn’t owe you anything, but DO NOT take their word for it! The insurance company can lie to your face, and often do. Do not let them take advantage of you and your family.
Filing a lawsuit is not a guaranteed win. It takes a favorable fact-pattern to bring a successful claim, and it takes an exceptional attorney to argue it successfully in front of a jury. For more information, or to discuss the facts of your case with us for free, call Rasansky Law Firm at 1-877-405-4313.

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