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Texas police officers deal with more distractions when they are driving due to the presence of new technology that’s been installed in their cruisers.

According to an article on NBCDFW, those distractions are sometimes the culprits behind accidents involving police vehicles.
The report quotes state data that shows that there were at least 70 crashes over the last two years involving an emergency vehicle where a distraction inside the vehicle was a direct contributor to the crash. One 2010 accident mentioned in the article wound up breaking the leg of a motorcyclist in several places after a distracted police officer drifted through a stop sign.

Distracted Driving
Police May Be Driving Distracted

Equipment and driving distracted.

For most motorists, the most difficult distraction to overcome is their cellular phone. For police officers, not only are cellular phones problems, but laptop computers mounted to the dashboard, two-way radios and other equipment all provide ample opportunity to get distracted while on the road.
It’s also pointed out that police officers are no less susceptible to the same problems that other drivers face when they’re on the road. For instance, a driving instructor quoted in the article points out that drivers oftentimes get used to the idea of dealing with distractions when they are driving and, after they do it a few times, they get the mistaken impression that they’re good at it. Nobody, however, is really very good at multitasking and driving while distracted is not a skill that can be developed. The dangers of driving while distracted have to do with the laws of physics, not the aptitude of the driver.

If you are injured.

The types of accidents that are caused by distracted driving are no different, whether the accident is caused by a regular driver or a trained professional. Municipalities are also responsible for the conduct of their employees and, when drivers for a municipal agency are distracted and end up causing injuries, they can sometimes be held liable in court.
Consider contacting in Dallas car accident attorney if you have been injured in a wreck involving a police officer who was distracted. This problem plagues the drivers of other emergency vehicles, as well, and also affects the drivers of municipal vehicles such as buses and shuttles. If you are injured and you suffer financial or economic injury because of it, contacting a lawyer might be the best way for you to get compensation for what you have been put through.

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