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Lesser-known facts related to automobile accidents.

car accident lawyer deals with cases that involve negligence. There are some interesting facts about these cases that many people don’t know, and that might help you to avoid becoming the victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault.
If someone causes you to come to harm through their own negligence, a Dallas auto accident lawyer can help you to pursue compensation, but you may be able to avoid the wreck in the first place by being aware of a few things.

1. Dusk and dawn are dangerous.

Many accidents occur during dusk and dawn hours. During the day, obviously, everyone has optimal vision. At night, headlights make it easy to see threats. During dusk and dawn, however, the sun is low enough in the sky to blind people, the lighting conditions are dim but still bright enough that headlights don’t make a lot of difference in visibility.

2. Head checks save lives.

Car Accident Facts
Car Accident Facts

Your mirrors are there to provide fast information about what’s alongside and behind you, but you have to turn your head to make sure. Sideswipe accidents are very common and usually occur when people fail to check their blind spots.

3. Motorcycles move faster than you think.

Motorcycles have the unfortunate characteristic of almost always looking like they’re moving slower than is actually the case. Give yourself an extra second to judge their speed; they’re probably going faster than you think.

4. Bicycles are vehicles.

When someone is on a bicycle, they’re on a vehicle with all of the rights that any other vehicle has to the road. Be sure you treat them as such where right-of-way and other issues are concerned. Being bigger than them doesn’t give you more right to the road than they have.

5. You go where you look.

Whether or not you’re aware of it, looking at something while you’re driving tends to make you veer towards it. If something is obstructing your path of travel—such as a car that suddenly jerked to a stop without warning—look where you want to go, not at what’s blocking you. This takes practice, but it’s a necessary skill for a good driver.
Being aware of these five things can keep you, and the people around you, safer on the roads. They can also help you avoid being sued for negligence if you’re in a wreck, as you’ll have taken measures to keep people around you safe!

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