Five Warning Signs of a Dangerous Driver

When you're out there on the highway, there's plenty that you have to pay attention to. The most significant risks to you come from other drivers. By learning to recognize the signs of a driver that poses a threat to you, you may be able to avoid getting into a bad crash.

1. Cell Phones

carwreck4Most people are guilty of talking on their cell phone when driving on at least one occasion. If you think back to that occasion, and if you're honest with yourself, it will be obvious that your full attention wasn't on the road. Watch out for drivers who are chatting on their cell phones. They are not paying attention to you or anyone else around them.

2. Looking to the Side

Most of these drivers are looking for addresses or other features on the side of the road. This means that they're not paying attention to what is in front or behind them and that they may be about to make a very sudden stop to get into a driveway or parking lot.

3. Blinking Signals

If you see somebody driving with their turn signal on for a long time, you may want to watch out for them. This is a chance that their not paying attention to what's going on with other cars on the road. They may also be lost and realized they were going the wrong way and will now be looking for another turnoff.

4. Looking up at Buildings

The sure sign of a tourist is someone who is driving through the city looking up at the buildings. If you notice somebody doing this, there's a good chance that they don't know the area very well and that they may pose a risk to you. Give these drivers a little bit extra room, particularly if you see out-of-state plates on their car.

5. Too Slow

If a driver is going too slow, there is a good chance that they are lost, distracted, or even intoxicated. Either situation can be very dangerous for the other people on the road.
If you happen to be involved in the Dallas car accident, it may be the case that the other driver was negligent in some regard. The only way to find out for sure if you have the option of suing them is to sit down for a consultation with a good Dallas auto accident lawyer.



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