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Many Dallas pedestrian accidents could be prevented if drivers paid more attention, followed the rules of the road, and kicked distracted driving habits. However, it is also important to understand that pedestrians, too, can help make roads safer and reduce the number of car-pedestrian collisions across Texas.
Here we describe the four ways Dallas pedestrians can prevent traffic accidents.
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  • Use crosswalks. It is simple, but it is true. There aren’t many pedestrian accidents that happen when a person is crossing in a marked crosswalk and has the right of way. Jaywalking may be a minor misdemeanor, but it is also dangerous and sometimes deadly.
  • Never assume a driver sees you. Pedestrians are often under the wrong impression that they always have the right of way and that vehicles are on the lookout for them. This is often how accidents happen. To prevent this, try to make eye contact with an approaching driver before stepping into the street.
  • Don’t walk drunk. We are all familiar with the dangers of drinking and driving, but fewer people know that three out of ten pedestrian accidents in Texas involved a pedestrian who has consumed alcohol. It is true that walking while intoxicated is safer than getting behind the wheel of a car, but taking a taxi, catching a ride with a friend, or spending the night are the safest choices.
  • Understand the dangers of walking at night. Most Houston pedestrian injuries occur at night and it is easy to understand why: pedestrians are harder to see at night and drivers are more likely to be tired or drunk. Try to avoid walking in poorly lit streets after dark. But – if you must – wear bright clothing, carry a flashlight, and be extra vigilant.

If you have been injured in a Texas pedestrian accident, you could receive compensation for your medical bills and other damages. To learn more about your case, contact a Dallas personal injury attorney today.

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