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You’ve probably seen advertisements where attorneys talk about how they work on contingency. This is a fairly common way for any automobile accident lawyer to go about their business, and it’s very popular with clients. It also means that you can hire an attorney right after a wreck happens, and for no cost to you. If you’re not that familiar with how attorneys work, understanding contingency fees will help you understand how this is possible.

Car Wrecks
After a Wreck

If you search for a Dallas car accident attorney, you’ll find that many of them will advertise that they charge no upfront fees. This is part of a contingency agreement. As crazy as it sounds, these lawyers only charge fees if they win the case that they’re arguing and put money in your pocket. If they lose the case, you never have to pay a penny. This is a gamble on the attorney’s part, but it brings some serious advantages to the client/victim.
In a contingency arrangement, there’s no way for the lawyer to string a client along just to rack up legal fees because you don’t pay by the hour; you pay based on results. Lawyers who work on contingency are basically taking the risk that they’ll win the case. Working on your case is entirely their decision, but if it seems like a good one, a contingency agreement can be a win/win situation. The lawyer will get paid if they win the claim—and they obviously believe they will if they took the case—and you stand to get compensation if they win, without additional financial risk. This allows a client and an attorney to work together toward a common goal.
The best time to call a car accident lawyer is right after the wreck. You would do well to call one before you call your insurance company. Ideally, you’ll talk to your attorney about the wreck before you give a recorded statement.
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