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Have you missed work due to injuries sustained in a car wreck?

Some people who are involved in a car accident end up missing a great deal of work, compounding their financial issues that result from the accident. Others may actually lose their ability to work in their field, necessitating that they go through a lot of training before they can find employment once more. Either way, these situations are very hard on individuals and their families. There are some ways that you may be able to get compensation for missed work.

Missed Work Due to Car Crash
Car Accidents Can Put You Out of Work

The other driver was negligent.

In many cases, personal injury attorneys can help people who have missed work from a car accident and who are suffering financially because of it. In order for you to have a claim, another party must have been negligent in some way and that negligence must have been the proximate cause of the accident. Proving this sometimes requires a great deal of investigation.

Attorneys and the police.

If you’re in a bad car wreck, the police will investigate the scene to see if there is any indication that there was criminal activity involved. Such criminal activity could include drunk driving and other acts that might result in the driver who caused the accident facing time in jail or other consequences related to their actions.
There will be a separate investigation conducted by the attorney to determine whether there was negligence involved. Whether criminal charges are filed against the driver responsible for the accident or not is irrelevant to whether the attorney will take your case. If the other driver is convicted of a crime such as drunk driving, however, it certainly will not hurt your case when you go in front of a jury.
The attorney will also have expert witnesses, if needed, who can bolster your claim. Personal injury attorneys handle these claims all the time and are generally very well prepared to help any client with a legitimate claim who comes into their office.
Consulting with a personal injury attorney is usually free. They have to offer this consultation as part of a contingency agreement, under which they forego getting paid unless they actually manage to win your claim. They may win your claim by arguing in front of a jury or they may win your claim by a settlement with the other party. Either way, the money could help you to recover from the financial damage that you’ve suffered.

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