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Texas drivers have to obey specific laws when they use cell phones while driving.

While Texas itself doesn’t have a statewide ban on using hand-held cell phones while driving (yet), there are several restrictions that you should be aware of.

School Zones are HANDS-FREE!

Texas state law requires that hands-free cell phones be used in school zones. Additionally, all novice drivers are banned from using their cell phone (or any wireless communication device) while driving for their first year behind the wheel.
Many drivers don’t realize this, but many cities, towns and municipalities in Texas have passed local ordinances regarding cell phone use while driving. In fact, over 100 cities have already banned texting and driving or enacted hands-free ordinances.
One of the contentious issues with cellular phone bans while driving is the issue of enforcement. People who oppose the laws generally argue that they are almost unenforceable (although the same was said about seat belt laws), as drivers can easily drop their cell phone whenever they get within sight of a police officer. Even thought something may be hard to enforce, does that mean society should just ignore it? Most people can agree that texting while operating a 3-ton hunk of metal is unsafe and should be against the law.
While you may be opposed to the thought of such a law right now, you might change your tune if someone you love was hit by someone who’s texting while driving.

Why cell phone use while driving matters.

There are plenty of statistics to support the fact that distracted driving is a real danger. Using a hand-held cell phone has long been known to cause a great deal of distraction for drivers. Between having part of their peripheral vision blocked, talking to somebody on the phone, having one hand occupied (therefore, unable to manipulate the controls in the vehicle and dealing with the cell phone itself), drivers are in a position to cause real harm to those around them.
If you have suffered an injury at the hands of one of the many people who refuse to use a hands free cell phone in cars while they’re driving, be sure to contact an accident attorney. You may find yourself able to file a lawsuit against that individual and avoid having to pay for the costs of their negligence.

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