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If you happen upon someone who has been involved in a car accident, it’s always a moment of decision. It’s not always apparent how to go about helping someone in need, particularly if you don’t have any specialized training. The following advice applies to anyone. You should not attempt to render medical assistance for which you haven’t any training.

1: Help Move the Wreck

In some cases, the primary threat from the car wreck will actually be the car itself. In these cases, it might be beneficial if you can help the victim move their vehicle to a safe spot. This may involve something as basic as helping them push their car or following behind them with your hazard lights on to somewhere that they can pull over. Be sure to be careful of oncoming traffic when this happens.

2: Communication

CommunicateSometimes, you might be the only one around with a cellular phone. Call for help immediately. Even if you think someone else may have already called the authorities, err on the side of caution. Your call could also serve as an extra eyewitness account of the accident which may help police determine what’s happened.
If you don’t have a cell phone, you might have to drive. A CB radio is still a great thing to have in the event of an accident. Channel 9 is the emergency channel and you can still raise police assistance or, at least, get in touch with someone who can help, by using this channel in most cases. Channel 19 is typically one of the busiest for truckers and you can use this to try to get in touch with one of them and to have them relay your message, as well.

3: Be Prepared

A lot of drivers are woefully unprepared for a car wreck. These drivers usually find themselves broken down without any lights to help them fix their vehicles, without any triangles to warn other drivers and without equipment. If you’re well prepared for a wreck, you can sometimes help such drivers out a lot just by pulling over and letting them make use of some of your emergency supplies.
In late 2011, a man was killed near Houston while trying to help another motorist. Remember that there are risks and that you shouldn’t pull over in situations where you’re actually putting yourself in serious danger. If someone has injured you in a car wreck, call a Dallas auto crash lawyer. A car accident lawyer in Dallas may be able to help you prepare a lawsuit that could win you compensation in a court of law.

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