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Spring means that people will be out enjoying the warm weather. This means that parks will be full of children playing and going to each other’s houses and other locations. You have to be extra careful in such areas. Here are some tips.

1: Know the signs.

Keep Kids Safe by Driving Defensively

Take the time to get to know your neighborhood. You should be aware of where all the school zones and playgrounds are. This can prevent you from accidentally speeding through areas where children are playing and where you’re at risk of harming one of them. Remember that children aren’t always cooperative with their parents about coming home before dark, so be sure that you’re extra careful during the dusk and twilight period.

2: Watch your periphery.

Make sure you’re aware of what’s going on alongside the road. Oftentimes, children will play dangerously close to the road. It isn’t always the smallest children who are the biggest problems. Sometimes, older children will be playing games close to the road and will run out in it without looking or without taking into account how fast oncoming traffic is moving. Anticipate this happening whenever you see children at play.

3: Bikes with no headlights.

Children are pretty notorious for not having headlights on their bikes. Be very careful around sunset. Some of them will be heading home—probably moving fast—and won’t have anything to indicate that they’re there in terms of headlights or other lights. This is a very bad situation but you can make it less dangerous by being more aware of what’s going on.

4: Slow down.

School zones have signage that indicates when you have to slow down. Treat parks that have children in them in the same way. Slow down as much as you can without creating a hazard and keep an eye on what the children are doing at all times. There are some situations where you might end up saving someone’s life by slowing down a bit.
It’s the responsibility of drivers to be aware of pedestrians on the road and nearby it. If your child is injured because of a negligent driver, contact a Dallas auto wreck lawyer. You may be able to sue and recover damages that could help pay for the medical expenses that you’ll likely face, though only a good auto accident attorney will be able to tell you for sure.

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