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Major factors which determine the value of your auto accident claim.

Calculating the amount of claim settlement in an auto accident case is quite a complex task, one that a layperson cannot do without the help and guidance of an experienced Dallas vehicle accident attorney. There is an array of factors that is taken into consideration in this regard. According to state laws, you have the legal right to get compensated for the loss you suffered in the accident not only from your insurance policy provider but also from the driver who is responsible for the accident.

Determining fault.

Factors of an Auto Accident Claim

First of all, it is determined which party was at fault. Sometimes, the accident occurs because both drivers had partial fault. If that is the case, your Dallas vehicle accident lawyer will try to gather evidence and proof in order to determine the percentage of fault on the part of each driver. The statements from witnesses also play a crucial role. There is no set rule or formula in the law code on how to calculate this percentage. Both parties make a claim on the basis of the evidence they have, and then it is entirely up to the court to give a judgment about it after listening.

The severity of your injury.

The severity of the injuries to the parties is also an important factor. In most accidents, both the parties are injured. Once the extent of the fault of each party is determined, the next task for your accident lawyer is to calculate the severity of injuries caused to each party. Even if the accident was not at all your fault, the court will ask you to show evidence to prove that you are the victim and that the other party is at 100 percent fault. As the legal complexities involved in these types of cases are quite obvious, the services of a Dallas vehicle accident attorney become very important.

Damage to the vehicle.

The third most important factor is the intensity of damage caused to the vehicles. In fact, sometimes the condition of each vehicle shows clearly how the accident occurred and who must be at fault. For example, if your vehicle is damaged in the rear and the vehicle of the other driver is damaged in the front, it clearly means that the other driver was most likely responsible for the collision. Your Dallas personal injury lawyer knows how to calculate the amount of property damage, which may be significant if you were involved in a big rig collision.
Overall, these are the three major factors that a Dallas vehicle accident attorney has to work on in order to determine the amount of claim settlement, but, as we can see, the process is not at all a simple one and you will need help.

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