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Kyle Bennett, a BMX racer and three-time world champion in the sport, was killed on Sunday morning in Houston. According to reports in multiple sources, his vehicle went off the road, hitting a gate after going into a ditch. Bennet was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.
Car wrecks involving famous people tend to get a lot of attention in the news, but car wrecks are far too common and end up killing a great many people over the course of any given year. In addition to this, themedical bills from car accidents that the victims survive sometimes end up bankrupting families. That may not sound important in light of surviving, but it causes real suffering and can make getting treatment for injuries next to impossible.


Sometimes, these situations are made more difficult because insurance companies will be hesitant to pay out benefits. This means that families that end up losing someone or with members who end up being seriously injured in car accidents have no money coming in and may have their ability to earn income greatly compromised.


In some cases, car wrecks really are accidents. There’s nothing anybody could’ve done to have prevented the accident and it’s simply random, tragic as it may be. There are other cases, however, where a driver is negligent or were other conditions may mean that somebody is ultimately responsible for causing the car wreck. In these cases, the people who are the victims of these accidents sometimes seek out an attorney to sue.
Suing over medical bills is very common. When people are injured because another driver was negligent or because a roadway was improperly maintained, there’s really no justice in the idea of the people who are injured through no fault of their own having to pay for all of the bills that resulted from the wreck. If you believe you were injured because of another driver’s negligence or for another reason that involves someone being negligent, contact an attorney about the matter.
Sometimes, when people who are very well known die in car accidents, it serves to bring home the fact that driving is the most dangerous thing that people do on an everyday basis. In cases where somebody else on the road makes driving even more dangerous than it is already, and were people get hurt because of it, it may be possible to sue for compensation.

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