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The medical bills that often follow a bad car accident can be a huge challenge for families. Depending upon your insurance coverage, you may have more or less of an advantage in dealing with thee bills. Here are some ways that you can lessen the burden.
Get all of the medical bills that you incurred from the accident together and go over them. Make sure that they are accurate. Hospitals and other medical providers may end up billing you separately for different treatments that resulted from the same incident. They may also add erroneous charges to your bills or they may bill you in such a confusing way that it’s very difficult to figure out what charges were associated with the accident and which ones were not. You’ll have to sort through all of this.

Medical Bills after a Car Crash
Medical Bills after a Car Crash

Talk to your insurance company.

You’ll need to talk to your insurance company about your coverage and what they’ll pay for. You’ll also need to talk to the insurance company for the person who was the cause of the accident. You should submit all of your bills to your OWN insurance company (NOT the other driver’s). Remember, however, that the hospital is not going to be sympathetic while you wait for the other guy’s insurance company to settle your case. They may well send those bills to collections if they aren’t paid right away and, unfortunately, some hospitals do this almost as soon as the bills get stuffed into an envelope.

Best and worst case scenarios.

In the best case scenario, the other driver’s insurance company completely covers your medical bills and you don’t have to worry about being stuck with any of the expenses. This is not going to happen, by the way. In the worst case scenario, you’re left holding the bill and have no one who is willing to hold up their obligations to you. You do still have options in these cases.


Attorneys can help you with medical bills from car accidents, in some cases. They’ll have to sit down with you to review your case and to see whether or not they could help you by filing a lawsuit. In some instances, the attorneys will have a strong enough case in your favor that the insurance company or other driver will offer a settlement so that they don’t have to pay to have a losing court case argued by their Dallas car wreck lawyers. Consult with an attorney as soon as possible in these situations.

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