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The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has its fair share of car accidents. Of course, some intersections in north Texas are more dangerous than others.

When traveling in certain areas, it is always a good idea to be aware of those intersections that are rated the most dangerous in terms of auto accidents. This knowledge allows drivers and pedestrians to keep their eyes and ears open in order to be prepared for the unforeseen to happen at any moment. Some of the most dangerous intersections in the Dallas-Fort Worth area include the following:

Top 10 most dangerous intersections in Dallas-Fort Worth, according to Rasansky Law Firm.

Dangerous Intersections in Dallas Fort Worth, TX
The Worst Intersections in Dallas-Fort Worth
  1. Coit Road and the President George Bush Turnpike service road in Plano, Texas (named by Plano police as the most dangerous in 2013).
  2. Legacy Drive and the Dallas North Tollway service road (Dallas Pkwy) in Plano, Texas (also named by Plano police as most dangerous in 2013).
  3. Belt Line Road and Preston Road in Dallas, Texas.
  4. Belt Line Road and Midway Road in Addison, Texas (this intersection average 263 crashes annually).
  5. Park Blvd and Preston Road in Plano, Texas (reports showed 249 accidents in one year).
  6. TX-121 and Preston Road in Frisco, Texas (State Farm rated this intersection as the 8th most dangerous in America).
  7. Hebron Parkway and Old Denton Road in Carrollton, Texas.
  8. Coit Road and I-635 in Dallas, Texas.
  9. I-35E and Loop 288/Lillian Miller Parkway in Denton, Texas (the most accident-prone intersection in Denton).
  10. TX-121 and West Exchange Parkway in Allen, Texas.

Also see our list of dangerous intersections in Fort Worth, Texas.

Worst intersection from each council district, according to Dallas City Hall. *

  1. W. Colorado Blvd and N. Hampton Road in Dallas, Texas.
  2. Canton Street and S. Good Latimer Expy in Dallas, Texas.
  3. W. Ledbetter Drive and S. Westmoreland Road in Dallas, Texas.
  4. W. Kiest Blvd and S. Polk Street in Dallas, Texas.
  5. Hillburn Drive and Lake June Road in Dallas, Texas.
  6. Bickers Street and N. Hampton Road in Dallas, Texas.
  7. S. Sam Houston Road and Scyene Road in Dallas, Texas.
  8. Cherry Valley Blvd and S. Lancaster Road in Dallas, Texas.
  9. Ferguson Road and Millmar Drive in Dallas, Texas.
  10. Abrams Road and Flickering Shadow Drive in Dallas, Texas.
  11. Arapaho Road and Dallas North Tollway (Dallas Pkwy) in Dallas, Texas.
  12. Campbell Road and Hillcrest Road in Dallas, Texas.
  13. Greenville Avenue and Pineland Drive in Dallas, Texas.
  14. Maple Avenue and Wolf Street in Dallas, Texas.

Top 10 worst intersections in Dallas, according to Dallas City Hall. *

  1. Inwood Road and Lemmon Avenue in Dallas, Texas.
  2. Dallas North Tollway (Dallas Pkwy) and Spring Valley Road in Dallas, Texas.
  3. Belt Line Road and Meandering Way in Dallas, Texas.
  4. W. Illinois Avenue and S. Vernon Avenue in Dallas, Texas.
  5. S. Beckley Avenue and W. Claredon Drive in Dallas, Texas.
  6. S. Hampton Road and W. Kiest Blvd in Dallas, Texas.
  7. E. Ledbetter Drive and S. Marsalis Avenue in Dallas, Texas.
  8. W. Camp Wisdom Road and S. Hampton Road in Dallas, Texas.
  9. S. Cockrell Hill Road and E. Red Bird Lane in Dallas, Texas.
  10. N. Carroll Avenue and Gaston Avenue in Dallas, Texas.

Top 10 most dangerous intersections in DFW, according to accident data released by the Texas Department of Transportation.

  1. LBJ (I-635) and Skillman Street in Dallas, Texas.
  2. Henderson Street and Weatherford Street in Fort Worth, Texas.
  3. S. Sherman Street and Spring Valley Road in Richardson, Texas.
  4. LBJ (I-635) and Central Expressway (Highway 75) in Dallas, Texas.
  5. Belt Line Road and the Dallas North Tollway (Dallas Pkwy) in Dallas, Texas.
  6. Northwest Highway and Walton Walker Blvd. in Dallas, Texas.
  7. Six Flags Road and Watson Road in Arlington, Texas.
  8. Buckner Blvd. and Military Parkway in Dallas, Texas.
  9. E. Park Row Drive and Watson Road in Arlington, Texas.
  10. Buckner Blvd. and John West Road in Dallas, Texas.

Additional DFW intersections known for high accident rates.

Accident at an Intersection
40% of Accidents Occur in Intersections
  • I-35W and Western Center Blvd. in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Preston Road and Plano Parkway in Plano, Texas.
  • Watson Road and Six Flags Drive in Arlington, Texas.
  • I-35W and NE 28th Street in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • I-35W and Meacham Blvd in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • US 380 and Central Expressway (Highway 75) in McKinney, Texas.
  • William D. Tate Avenue and Mustang Drive in Grapevine, Texas.
  • Riverside Drive and E. Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • I-35W and Basswood Blvd in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Frankford Road and Josey Lane in Carrollton, Texas.
  • Commerce Street and Lamar Street in Dallas, Texas.
  • Forest Lane and Audelia Road in Dallas, Texas.
  • University Drive (US 380) and N. Carroll Blvd. in Denton, Texas.
  • Valley View Lane and Josey Lane in Farmers Branch, Texas.
  • I-35W and Heritage Trace Pkwy in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Henderson Street and Belknap Street in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Jupiter Road and Forest Lane in Garland, Texas.
  • Coit Road and Spring Creek Parkway in Plano, Texas.
  • Tennyson Parkway and the Dallas North Tollway (Dallas Pkwy) in Plano, Texas.

Do you feel we missed one? Let us know by leaving a short comment below!

While many of these intersections are either undergoing improvements or will do so in the coming years, drivers and pedestrians need to be aware of these car crash hot spots. The best way to protect yourself is to be fully aware of those intersections where accidents occur most often. This does not mean you do not exercise caution at all intersections but rather that you need to exercise more caution in those spots where accidents are proven more likely to occur.

Cautions (and precautions).

The state has installed traffic cameras in many of these intersections. The images one can gather from these can be instrumental in showing which party caused the accident. This information is not only helpful for insurance companies but is also beneficial to the police in determining the responsible party and whether they need to assess charges against the liable party.

Another thing that is very important to keep in mind right now is that a great deal of road construction is currently in progress on LBJ and I-35E (if you drive in North Dallas, I’m sure you’re already aware). This construction has changed the structure in existence at many of the highway’s intersections and will continue to be a problem until the completion of the LBJ Express project.

By pointing out these Dallas accident hot spots, we hope to reduce the number of car accident injuries in our community. As more drivers become aware, less risks are taken. As more city officials (and the TxDOT) become aware, the faster we can resolve these safety issues.

If you’ve been in a car accident at one of these intersections, we ask that you call us at (214) 651-6100 and tell us about your accident. There’s no cost to discuss your legal options, and the attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm are available 24 hours a day to take your call.

* Intersections named for example only, based on data from 2013 (source).

  1. I would also add Preston Rd and Northwest Highway to the list. I live close by and see accidents at that intersection all the time!

  2. Can we add Ohio Drive and Quincy Lane (Plano, TX) to the list? While the intersection may see less traffic, it’s statistically one of the most dangerous in DFW.
    NBC just did a story on it:!/news/local/Dangerous-Intersection-Still-Concerning-Some-in-Plano/272638701

  3. There’s an extremely dangerous intersection right next to my house: FM 2499 and Barton Creek in Highland Village, TX.
    Like the commenter above me, NBC did a story on it the other night.

  4. I would add Beltline and 635 in Coppell/Irving area. I see so many accidents there.

  5. Keller Springs and Dallas Tollway heading North on East side! People from the second lane turn left in the straight lane! The left lane is U turn, turn left AND straight!!!
    I don’t know who to report this to do I hope this can get yo someone that can add bigger or more signs and/or mark the street!

  6. E Rendon Crowley Rd & Hunters Field Blvd, Burleson, TX 76028

  7. The intersection of Garland Road, E. Grand Avenue and Gaston Avenue (near White Rock Lake) in Dallas, TX 75214.

  8. I’m honestly surprised the Mockingbird and Central Expressway intersection (near Katy Trail) is not on this list. Luckily the city is FINALLY starting construction on the long-overdue pedestrian bridge, but it looks like it won’t be done until August at the earliest.

  9. You can go ahead and add the 5-way intersection of Kings Highway, Tyler, and Seventh street in Oak Cliff, Dallas, TX. Plenty of news stories regarding that intersection.

  10. At Inwood and Lemon i was T-boned yesterday. Driver ran the light. Carrying an over weight trailer doing 40 according to witnesses. I’m not injured thankfully neither were anyone involved. Lots of property damage unfortunately.

  11. I was T-boned at Custer and George Bush–people fly off GB and run the light often. It is super dangerous. I was nearly killed and had near fatal injuries. i had 6 surgeries and have permanent injuries- Was in a wheelchair, scooter, crutches and after a year still not back at work. The woman ran the light and was distracted by being on her phone. I will never be the same.

  12. I-35 and Dallas Drive in Denton is horrid!

  13. St. Hwy 121 and Plano Pkwy in The Colony. I work just off that intersection and have seen far too many wrecks there. I was hit by a driver who ran the red light there about 3 weeks ago, days later the car next to me was struck in the same way, and 2 days ago a police SUV was flipped during an accident. Many, many accidents, including a double-fatality accident there about 2 years ago. Very dangerous intersection.

  14. I live a block from the intersection of garland road and buckner blvd. I often hear grinding crashes at all hours.
    Dallas in general has very dangerous drivers. Be a survivor simply by paying close attention when you drive and NEVER have a phone in your hand when you drive. Life is short enough, death lasts a long time.
    You will not save time driving like a fool.

  15. S. Westmoreland Rd and Kimballdale Dr, they need to put a traffic light or something right there, there is a blind curve when you are going to the left and its very hard to see, at times you are sitting at the stop sign for maybe 5 or more mins trying to play russian roulette to get out the neighborhood. Its just not fair that these folks are deemed at fault when they are blinded by the curve

  16. Intersection of Highland and Lawnview. Friend (pedestrian) was hit, ran over and remained trapped under a DART Bus for over 30 minutes. Emergency responders were trying to use air bags and plywood to try to lift the bus off of him. Tragically we watched our friend take his last breath as they lifted him up in the ambulance on the news before we even knew who it was. RIP Jonathan “Chato” Dominguez

  17. In Flower Mound, the flyover that takes Gerault Road down onto FM 2499 (Long Prairie Road) is very difficult to navigate. Especially, during rush hours.

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