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If someone hit you with their vehicle when you were on foot, you should consider contacting an attorney. Most car accident articles that have to do with wrecks center on how to hire a vehicle accident lawyer if you’re in a car that gets wrecked. These lawyers can help you if you were a pedestrian in the accident, as well.

Getting Hit

There are plenty of ways that pedestrians get hit by drivers. Often, its simply because the drivers don’t see the pedestrian. There are some classic examples of how this happens.

  • Not seeing a pedestrian crossing before making a right turn
  • Not checking an intersection before running a yellow
  • Not watching parked cars when driving down a busy street
  • Speeding
  • Inattentive driving

Some drivers will try to beat a pedestrian to the crosswalk rather than giving up the right of way. There are plenty of other negligent ways that drivers get pedestrians hurt or killed every day.


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Filing a lawsuit is an option if you’ve been hurt. It would be hard to find a pedestrian who wouldn’t agree that avoiding getting hit in the first place is far preferable to getting compensated for an accident. Here are some tips.

  • Watch out for cars turning right when you’re crossing an intersection
  • Watch out for drivers who are speeding through busy districts
  • Wait for the “Walk” light to come on before crossing intersections
  • Turn down your headphones so that you can hear around you
  • Stop texting or talking on your cell phone before you cross an intersection
  • Be careful when crossing the street after getting off a bus

These small considerations may well end up saving your life someday. As a pedestrian, you may almost always have the right of way, but you are the one who has to accommodate bad drivers, unfortunately. There’s no way that you’re going to win if you try to push a vehicle driver around, so it’s best to be smart and to avoid getting hurt in the first place.
If you do need a lawyer, remember that they’ll usually meet with you for free. If they believe that the driver who struck you was negligent, they may want to take your claim and to represent you in court. If they argue your case successfully, it may mean winning substantial compensation and being able to handle the medical expenses and other expenses that result from the accident.

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