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Drunk drivers are among the biggest threats that drivers face on highways. They can also be even more dangerous because they tend to be out at night, when it’s even more difficult to see what a car is doing when you’re a long way away from it. The behavior of the driver and the way they’re driving are the two biggest tip-offs you have to the fact that they may be drunk. For that reason, you have to learn how to get out of their way when they present a threat.


Drunk Drivers
Avoid Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

One of the most hazardous things that drunk drivers tend to do is to swerve into oncoming traffic. When they do this, it’s usually very close to the car that they end up hitting. Drunk drivers tend to stare at other vehicles that are coming at them and, as anybody who drives a motorcycle knows, whatever you’re looking at tends to be what you’re headed towards when you’re driving. If you notice that a driver is swerving across lanes, you may want to get off the road, if possible, or simply pull over to let them pass. Even if they do end up running into you anyway, it’s better to have someone run into you when you’re stopped than to run into them when you’re both moving.

Sudden stops.

Drunk drivers have a habit of coming to sudden stops, sometimes in the middle of the road and sometimes when there isn’t even any reason why they should have stopped. This is why you need to give them plenty of room. Watch out for drivers who are doing stop and go maneuvers when there’s no reason for them to be doing them. Oftentimes, it’s because they’re having a hard time controlling their vehicle and they keep stopping when they realize that they’re unable to drive.
Drunk driving is a criminal offense but, if you’re struck by a drunk driver, you may also have an option to sue. You have to speak with a Fort Worth car accident attorney to determine whether this is the case or not. If it is, they may be able to help you win the claim against the drunk driver that injured you in court. A vehicle accident lawyer will understand how to go about investigating the matter and seeing if you have a good chance of winning a lawsuit if you file it against the drunk driver that hit you.

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