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Don’t be a reckless driver. Be responsible. Be safe!

This week we covered the truly tragic story of a Plano family of five that was killed in their minivan on their way to church. The man who struck their vehicle – and was found guilty of five separate counts of manslaughter – was driving over 100 miles per hour and swerving in and out of traffic at the time of the accident.
While many of these horrific car accident stories we read about involve driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the man responsible for this sad and preventable accident was sober and driving recklessly. According to court records, the man was picking his daughter up from school and was not late or rushing – he was simply acting irresponsibly when he cost an entire family their lives.
In Texas, reckless driving is considered a major moving violation. Depending on the circumstances of the reckless driving charge, it is considered a serious crime that comes with heavy fines, hiked insurance rates, a mar on your record, a possible suspended license, and possible jail time. This class one misdemeanor can cost drivers up to $2,500 and is considered a criminal offense.
Texas law sees reckless driving as a number of actions taken while driving, including driving far above the posted speed limit. Drivers who are traveling over 90 miles per hour or who cause accident and injury while reckless driving could face jail time, as could drivers who were found street racing while driving recklessly.

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