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City buses are some of the most efficient forms of transportation out there. They can help a city to cut down immensely on the amount of traffic clogging its streets and, when the summer rolls around, they tend to be pretty full. They also present hazards, however, simply because of the design of the vehicle and how they use the roads.

The Hazards

A city bus is dangerous partially because they cut off vision. Drivers that end up behind them have no real view of the road in front of the bus and, because of that, they’ll usually be anxious to get into another lane. This sometimes creates a situation where several vehicles want to change lanes at once and that can result in serious problems for all of the drivers involved.
These vehicles also pose an obvious hazard because of their stop and go driving. When cars end up stuck behind them, it’s not long before the drivers become very frustrated and want nothing more than to get clear of the bus. This can cause problems in that their impatience may make them drive in ways that are downright dangerous. When they stop watching the bus, there’s always a chance that they’re going to run into it or slam on their brakes to avoid doing so and cause a wreck.

Lane Changes

When buses change lanes, they sometimes have to be pretty aggressive to make sure that people will actually let them in. When drivers speed up to get alongside them and, basically, to cut them off, they create a real risk. If a bus is moving into the lane ahead of you, it’s usually advisable to let them and to wait for an opportunity to past them at a better time. This way, you can avoid causing a car wreck by cutting off the bus and, of course, colliding with a bus will most certainly wreck your car.
Finding a good bus accident lawyer can be hard. Look for one that has experience dealing with these cases if you need to hire one and ask them about how their other clients fared. They won’t necessarily need you to pay them upfront, but they will get paid if they win your claim so you want to make sure you’re paying for a vehicle accident lawyer that’s worth the money you’ll hand over to them if they win your case.

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