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Four of the largest import auto makers have already recalled vehicles that had defective side impact airbags installed in them. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is currently investigating other vehicles to determine if other recalls are warranted, according to a press release.
Side impact airbags can greatly reduce the chances of being hurt or killed in certain types of crashes. The vehicles that were recalled had side-impact airbags that failed. If this were to happen in a crash, the passengers in the vehicle would not be provided with the same level of protection that they anticipated. The four manufacturers affected by the recall that was already undertaken include: Honda, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota.

Looking for More Instances

The investigation is currently focused on finding out whether or not there are other vehicles on the market that utilized the same parts for their side-impact airbags. Because automobile manufacturers oftentimes get their parts from the same providers, the airbag parts could be in many different models and makes of cars. The part that failed was the inflator, which was provided by Autoliv, Inc. According to the press release, the inflators were provided to several different automobile manufacturers and to airbag manufacturers. In total, about 10,500 of the devices were shipped.

Airbag Hazards

The side-curtain airbags under investigation provide only one example of how airbags can fail. Defective airbags can also go off without cause, sometimes causing serious injuries or even deaths. People who work on vehicles and the people who drive those vehicles are both at risk. Windshield replacements, locksmith openings, very low-speed impacts and other events can set off some airbags. When the airbags work as intended, they stop the driver or passenger by putting up a barrier between the driver’s chest and the steering wheel and console or the side windows and doors. When they fail, they sometimes strike people in the head or neck, causing serious injuries or deaths.
Defective airbags sometimes lead to lawsuits, particularly if someone is grievously injured by the device. If you have been injured by such a device, contact a lawyer and see if you have an opportunity to file a lawsuit. It could win you compensation for the injuries you suffered, the loss of property and any other difficulties that were caused by the defective device. The lawsuit may seek damages from the car manufacturer, the equipment manufacturer or a number of other entities, depending upon the situation.

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