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This week we covered the story of a 70-year-old cyclist in The Woodlands who died of a severe head injury following a collision with a vehicle at a signed intersection. An investigation into the fatal Texas bike accident revealed that the man was biking on the wrong side of the road and not wearing a helmet. After the accident, many bike-safety advocates in the area stressed the importance of knowing the basics of cycling laws – whether you are a biker or a motor vehicle driver.

Bicycle Rules of the Road
Bicycle Rules of the Road

What are the basic rules of the road for bicycle riders in Texas that everyone should know? Here we explain them.

  • Ride in the right lane – and never against traffic. While you should walk against traffic, bicycles are considered vehicles and always follow the flow of traffic. Stay in the right lane and stay to the right of traffic if you are not traveling as fast as other vehicles.
  • Obey all rules of the road that cars and trucks follow. This includes obeying all signs, traffic signals, and road markings.
  • Use hand signals when turning or stopping. Since bicycles do not have turn signals or brake lights, hand signals are vital to letting other vehicles know when you are slowing, turning, or stopping.
  • When biking at night, use a headlight and rear reflectors. A bright, white headlamp or mounted headlight allows you to see where you are going and alerts oncoming traffic of your approach. Red rear reflectors or lights alert vehicles behind you of your presence.
  • All bikes should have functioning brakes. All bikes in Texas must be equipped with brakes that allow the bike to skid on dry, even pavement.

Bike accidents are far too common in Texas, and it is sad to think about how many of these accidents and injuries could have been prevented if everyone – cyclists and drivers alike – understood and followed Texas bicycle laws and regulations.
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