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As many states add new rules for drivers who are distracted by mobile devices while driving, two states are considering adding new laws that would combat the issue of distracted pedestrians.

You don’t have to be behind a wheel to be distracted

While many people are familiar with how dangerous it is to talk on the cell phone and drive and text while behind the wheel, most people do not realize that a number of Texas pedestrian accidents and Texas bicycle accidents are caused by cell phones and other distractions.
Currently, both Arkansas and New York lawmakers are considering new rules that would make it illegal for pedestrians to walk around while using certain mobile gadgets. The proposed law in Arkansas would ban those on foot or riding bikes from using more than one ear bud while on the street or sidewalk. The proposed law in New York would ban pedestrians from crossing the street while talking on the cell phone or listening to music.

The real danger of distracted walking and biking

Why are electronic devices so distracting for pedestrians? Traffic safety advocates stress that the issue is much more complex than simply not being able to hear approaching vehicles or not looking both ways before crossing the street. Pedestrians who are using devices like smartphones don’t have their minds focused on what they are actually doing: walking, crossing streets, and being part of the daily commute. They might not realize that listening to a podcast, taking in a song, or talking to a friend is removing them from their physical environment. This is also how accidents happen.

Dallas pedestrian accident attorneys

Have you been injured in a Texas pedestrian accident or a Texas bicycle accident? Or have you been involved in a traffic accident caused by a distracted pedestrian? It is imperative that you know your legal rights and fight for compensation. Speak with a Dallas personal injury lawyer today to find out more about your possible case.

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