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In a heart wrenching story from California, a 20-year-old woman was arrested after a three month investigation on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter.  Ani Voskanian allegedly ran a stop sign while texting and hit and hilled an 80-year-old woman, Misak Ranjbar.

Texting While Driving
Text. Drive. Go to Jail.

Authorities found that Voskanian made no attempt to slow down and was text messaging on her cell hone at the time of this tragic accident.  Voskanian was arraigned on Dec. 20 and details are not readily available.

She is not alone.

Voskanian is not the only Californian to have faced serious charges following a fatal accident caused by texting and driving.  In January of 2010, Martin Burt Kuehl was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter.  Kuehl struck and killed 32-year-old nanny, Martha Ovalle, while she was in a crosswalk heading to work.  Kuehl had been texting for miles leading to the accident and was even reported to have his cell phone in his hand at the moment of the fatal accident.
If you have followed our blog, article library and our newsletters, you no doubt are aware of our stance on the subject of texting while driving.  It’s wildly irresponsible and fatally dangerous.  We applaud any justice system that takes a hard stance like that of California and other states have.  There is no doubt that with increase of smart phones and other messaging phones, the temptation to use them behind the wheel will only increase.  This dangerous habit is an epidemic that will undoubtedly lead to more loss of life.
We will continue to report on and fight against this disturbing behavior.  Numerous studies have found it to be as or even more dangerous than drunken driving.  If you wouldn’t drink and drive, why would you text behind the wheel?
If you would like to help us put a stop to texting while driving, please begin to see this habit in the same light as drunken driving.  It is not until this act has the same stigma as drinking and driving that true change will happen.
You can also help our MVA attorneys put an end to this epidemic by spreading the word about the dangers of messaging behind the wheel. Remember – “It Can Wait…Drive Now, TXT L8R.”

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