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Three times that you should always use your hazards.

You’ve seen the button on your car’s console: the button that turns on your hazard lights. But when is the appropriate time to use your hazard lights and when should you abstain from pressing the button? Below, we’ve listed a few good reasons for you to switch on your hazard lights and let those around you know to heighten their awareness and notice your vehicle.
Use your hazard lights when…

  • You are traveling well below the posted speed limit. If you are traveling on a highway or interstate and going significantly below the speed limit for some reason, put your hazard lights on to let approaching cars and trucks know that they need to slow down or pass you. Whether you are slowing down because of a hill, poor road conditions, or traffic, always put your hazards lights on when traveling slowing on a highway.
  • You are pulled over to the shoulder of a highway or interstate. Never assume that other drivers are paying close attention to the road! Each year, hundreds of people die when their disabled car on the side of the road is struck from behind by another vehicle. You hazard lights will draw attention to your car and let approaching drivers know that your location. This is especially important at night or in bad weather.
  • You have just been in a car accident. Whether or not you have the ability to pull your car over to the side of the road after an accident, be sure to turn on your hazard lights before getting out of your vehicle. This will warn other drivers that there’s an issue and help prevent a chain-reaction crash.
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