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When you’re on the road, people are depending on you to exercise a certain amount of care in your driving.

In fact, the concept of negligence is when someone doesn’t exercise that level of care and when someone is hurt as a result of it. To make sure that you are safeguarding the lives of those around you, remember these three things.

1. Look for cross traffic when approaching intersections.

Drive Better and Save Lives
Drive Better and Save Lives

Even if the light is green, check the cross traffic for someone who doesn’t know that their light is red. If you’ve been driving for any amount of time, there have probably been occasions when you have run a red light without meaning to. Mistakes happen, and you need to drive defensively. Look both ways as you approach the intersection and be very wary of people who are making a right turn into your lane or a left turn across it.

2. Check your mirrors when going straight.

Mirrors are not designed to provide you with information regarding when it’s safe to change lanes. For that information, you have to turn your head. Mirrors, however, are great for when you want to know what’s coming up behind you or when you need to know if something is alongside you while you’re driving. Check them often, even when you’re not changing lanes. Blind spot mirrors are some of the best—and most inexpensive—additions you can make to any car.

3. Clean your windshield.

It seems minor, but a dirty windshield is a genuine hazard. If you’re a smoker, you have to clean off the inside of the windshield regularly to get rid of the grime that the smoke creates. Remember to clean off the exterior of the windshield every time you put gas in the car. Especially at night or in bright sunlight, that clean windshield may be the difference between seeing someone crossing the road and braking in time or slamming into them because they your vision was obscured.
If you’re injured in a car accident, a Dallas car wreck attorney may be able to help. Filing a claim with the help of an accident lawyer may enable you to recover compensation for your pain and suffering, as well as for the destruction of your property. Call us at 1-877-405-4313 for a free consultation.

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