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Accidents involving the Trinity Railway Express train in Dallas.

Dallas TRE Train Accidents
Trinity Railways Express (TRE)

Ever since the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) train began operating in 1996 in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, accidents have been a reoccurring safety hazard that both riders, and automobile drivers have been keenly aware of.  Injuries from a TRE accident are not the riders fault, and in many cases, the driver of the vehicle involved is also not at fault.  If an injury has occurred due to a TRE train accident, your first move should be to seek medical attention. Your second move should be to call a lawyer.
Accidents involving a TRE train are very serious matters which often leave devastating injuries, and sometimes prove fatal.  Some reasons for accidents at TRE crossings include (but are not limited to) the crossing arms failing to lower properly, defective gates or signals, trains that fail to sound their horns as they approach an intersection, design flaws of the actual intersection, an operator of the train under the influence of alcohol, and excessive speeding of the train itself.
Railroad crossing accidents, seemingly, would leave the driver of the automobile involved at fault, as the railroad intersections are blocked off when the trains are passing; however, as stated prior, the passenger vehicle is NOT always at fault in these accidents.
Pedestrian-vs-train accidents are another unfortunately common occurrence. But even in these cases, the victim involved may not be at fault.
Recently, between October and November of 2013, three accidents involving the TRE resulted in two deaths and serious injuries to drivers and passengers of the vehicles involved.  In these cases, serious injury to riders of the train itself did not occur, but injuries to the passenger can easily arise in such an accident.
Accidents involving the Trinity Railway Express train are becoming a major safety issue in the community.  For legal information on these type of accidents, contact a qualified personal injury attorney in Dallas. Rasansky Law Firm is available at any time by calling 1-877-405-4313.

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