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The weather is getting warm again and that means that people are going to be heading out and about on foot. Many people will also be taking their bicycles out of their garages and starting a routine of regular rides to stay in shape or just to cut down on the gas bills. Either way, there are some significant hazards that go along with being a pedestrian in Dallas. Some basic safety rules, most of which we learn in elementary school, oftentimes need to be reviewed during these times of year to ensure that people stay safe.

Don’t Trust Drivers

Pedestrian Hazards
Pedestrian Hazards

Remember that the drivers on the road, even if they seem to be going slow enough to see you, maybe utterly unaware of your presence when you’re about to cross an intersection. Distracted driving is becoming a serious hazard and has contributed to many fatal pedestrian accidents. Whenever you are about to cross the road, go ahead and do a few head checks in both directions to make certain that nothing is coming. If you’re not sure about the speed of a vehicle, wait for it to pass before crossing.
If you happen to be crossing a busy intersection, remember that you have to check in four directions, not just right and left. Check behind you, to make certain that nobody is about to make a fast right turn that could endanger you when you are crossing in the crosswalk. Also be wary of situations when the left turn arrow has turned on for the lane coming toward you and when you may not be able to see that looking at the traffic lights from your direction.

Blind Spots

If you are on a bicycle or on foot, remember that vehicles have blind spots alongside them. It’s very easy for a driver making a right turn to not notice that you are approaching on the right on a bicycle or on foot and to actually crowd you off of the road. In the worst-case scenario, they may actually sideswipe you, causing serious injuries.
Even though many drivers do drive in a way that puts people at risk, they are responsible for their actions. The fact that many people do it doesn’t make it any less negligent.
A Dallas personal injury law firm can help both pedestrians and bicyclists that were injured by motorists seek the compensation they deserve following such an injury. Call us today at 1-877-405-4313 for a free consultation.

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